Snapdeal’s Shopo App Competes With OLX and Quikr

Snapdeal has  launched a new APP to compete in the used goods sale. The New App is similar to the OLX and Quikr Apps which act as a market place to bring together the buyers and sellers. You can Download the Shopo App from the Google Play Store.

Snapdeal’s Shopo App Competes With OLX and Quikr

The New Shopo App provides a platform to the sellers to list the products on the App and have a chat with the buyer to finalize the deal.

“Shopo” name looks like a mix of “Shop” and “Kharedo” – & you get the Snapdeal’s “Shopo”. Shopo – Chat Buy Sell App.

Shopo does not take care of transactions or the buyer seller protection in any way. It just provides a space where you can click the image of your product mention the details and fix the price.

The buyers can contact with you Via Chat and you can negotiate the sales price and sell the good.  Snapdeal or Shopo does not take any money or intervene in the financial transaction.To safely sell the product and get payment is the sellers responsibility and buy need to ensure he get the right product at the right price.

The Shopo App may also look for the financial transaction protection in future and will act as an intermediary between seller and buyer.There are a lot of similarities between the OLX/Quikr and Shopo , and I did not found any major point of differentiation after using the APP.

Snapdeal’s Shopo App Competes With OLX and Quikr

The App UI is good and it is fairly simple to use, the number of items listed are not huge right now as it is a new startup Vs the OLX and Quikr who have grown large over long time period.

Olx was launched in 2006 India and Quikr was the second one to launch in India on 12 July 2008 have a huge user base.

Future for Shopo will be determined on what extra Snapdeal can offer to the buyers and sellers.  Recently Amazon did a tie up with Samsung and Xiaomi to sell the refurbished smartphones. We may also see selling some of the refurbished smartphones and other goods on the Shopo App which can make it more lucrative for deal seekers.

Snapdeal’s Shopo App Competes With OLX and Quikr

The major drawback that OLX and Quikr is facing is the menace caused by the dealers who are killing the eco-system on both platforms.

Snapdeal’s Shopo App Competes With OLX and Quikr

Genuine buyers and sellers are few, dealers continue to pollute and spam with 10’s of ads for the same product and keep refreshing ads so they appear on top of the list.  This makes the buyers experience poor, and also try selling something at a fair rate, dealers will barge you with stupid half price calls. Quikr and Olx will need to keep the best interest of Buyers and Sellers if they wish to get to next level, after all Shopo/Quikr/OLX are not made for the middle man.


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