Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 Key Specs and Improvements

Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 Launched By Qualcomm

Qualcomm, at an event yesterday in Singapore has announced the much anticipated mid-range mobile platforms- Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon. Instead of calling them as processors, Qualcomm says these are mobile platforms as they do much more than just being a processor.

Both the chipsets are designed to bring excellent photography and gaming along with faster LTE speeds to the mid-range segment.

Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 Key Specs and Improvements

As the name itself suggests, the Snapdragon 660 is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 653, whereas the Snapdragon 630 replaces the battery efficient Snapdragon 626. The clock speed in both the chipset are slightly faster compared to their predecessors, and the graphics performance has also been increased.

The Snapdragon 660 now comes with a new Adreno 512 GPU, while the Snapdragon 630 has Adreno 508 GPU, both promising 30 percent improvement in graphics.

Let’s take a close look at Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 Key Specs and Improvements:

1) Camera: Qualcomm has primarily focussed on improving the mid-range camera performance with the two new mobile platforms. Both the SoCs now support Qualcomm’s Spectra 160 premium camera ISP that gives improved image quality for more natural skin tones. Also supported are features like smooth optical zoom, bokeh effects, dual pixel autofocus, and improved camcorder video stabilisation.

2) Connectivity: The Snapdragon 660 and 630 both features Snapdragon X12 LTE modem, which was earlier seen in the Snapdragon 820 chip and the US carriers such as Verizon and Sprint have been using the same chip in their phones to achieve impeccable download speed.

The new SoCs are rated to deliver speeds up to 600 Mbps. The Snapdragon 660 supports 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi for twice as much data throughput and up to 60 percent lower download power consumption as the Snapdragon 652.

3) Manufacturing Process and CPU

Qualcomm Snapdragon 630

Both the Snapdragon 660 and 630 are built on the 14 Nm manufacturing process, which means that they deliver better battery life. Qualcomm says that the new chips are capable of lowering the power consumption by 50 percent to 75 percent while accessing location based services.

Regarding CPU, the Snapdragon 660 is an Octa-core chip with the new Kryo 260 CPU cores in 4*4 cluster combination. Four cores can be clocked up to 2.2 GHz, while the other four can support a maximum clock speed of 1.8 GHz. Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 had a maximum clock speed of 1.95 GHz.

Coming to the Snapdragon 630 SoC, it uses eight ARM Cortex A53 cores with a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz, same as the Snapdragon 626 chip. However, the difference can be seen in the graphics department as said earlier. Snapdragon 626 also offers similar 2.2 GHz clock speed but comes with Adreno 506 instead of Adreno 508 on SD 630.

4) Qualcomm Quick Charge 4: One of the biggest additions to the new chipsets. The Snapdragon 660 and 630 Mobile Platforms feature the latest Quick Charge 4.0 technology, which promises up to five hours of talk time in just five minutes of charging and can take the battery level up to 50 percent in just 15 minutes. Quick Charge 4.0 is not supported on previous gen SD 653 and 630 processors.

5) Machine Learning: Also, Qualcomm has added the support for machine learning technology to the Snapdragon 660 and 630. “OEMs and developers can also power immersive and engaging user experiences with machine learning on the Snapdragon 660 and 630 Mobile Platforms,” says Qualcomm.

Both the chips can support dual camera technology and up to 8 GB of RAM module. The Snapdragon 660 has the capability to handle two 16 MP cameras, whereas the Snapdragon 630 can take care of two 13 MP cameras.

Qualcomm said that the end of June could see devices with Snapdragon 660 and the Snapdragon 630 can be viewed on smartphones by Q3 2017.

Source – Qualcomm

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