Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890 : Samsung S7 Debacle

A lot of people planning to upgrade their mobiles, are evaluating the new Samsung S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.  They are definitely the hottest smartphones in the market if you are in for a new Android phone. I wrote hottest but not the fastest, here is a bit of catch with the models.

Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890


Samsung actually is using two different Processors and GPU for the Samsung S7 and S7 edge depending on the geographic location you would get either the Snapdragon 820 or the Exynos 8890. The buyers in US will get the faster Snapdragon 820 while the buyers in Asia/India and other countries are not so blessed to get the Snapdragon 820 and will have to suffice with the Exynos 8890.

I am myself looking for an upgrade from the old faithful Google Nexus 5 and was banking on jumping back to Samsung bandwagon , since my old Galaxy S2 days.

But again Samsung has created some doubts which would limit hard core enthusiasts from buying the new smartphone. Let me first put the cat out of the bag and share the CPU and GPU benchmarks comparing the Snapdragon 820 Vs Exynos 8890.

CPU Benchmark Snapdragon 820 Vs Exynos 8890

Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890

image credits – Antutu

The CPU performance of the Samsung Exynos 8890 Vs Snapdragon 820 Vs Apple A9 is almost identical not too much of a gap. We could ignore the little gain by the Taiwanese Chip manufacturer Qualcomm, pulling ahead of the Samsung’s Own Exynos 8890. The 5% percent difference in the CPU performance is negligible and nothing to think about.

GPU Benchmark – Snapdragon 820 Vs Exynos 8890

Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890

image credits – Antutu

Let’s ignore the Apple A9 for a second, as the screen resolution is too low and GPU has to work less. The Snapdragon 820 performs insanely better than the Exynos 8890. At the time of launch we knew two processors will be used but the assumption was that Samsung would optimize them in a way, that they will have identical performance.

The recent data from Antutu shows a much different picture which is bit of set back for buyers who are enthusiasts and want the best from their devices.

There is 32% difference in performance for GPU of Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820 which is a bit bothersome.

Why they are using a slower Exynos 8890 in most countries – I can think of two reasons , cost saving when using Samsung’s own 8890 SOC. 2nd reason could be huge demand for SD 820 and limited supply by Qualcomm.

Samsung would have throttled the GPU on SD 820 but they can’t do it as the competition like Xiaomi  or LeECo or LG are going to use the same SD 820 processor and S7 would have lagged them all in benchmark scores which Samsung would not want to do.

Xiaomi Mi5 is priced almost at 50% of the price of S7 and uses a faster and better processor outside US. You can get two of Mi5’s instead of buying one S7 powered by Exynos 8890. Apple dropping the price for iPhone 6s in India to 42k Vs Samsung S7 49k , can be an alluring for Android enthusiast willing to take the plunge, and jump ships.

All this will not matter to you if you don’t know it but once you know all of it, it is hard to bite the bullet. Still even with the Exynos 8890 the Samsung S7 and S7 edge are best android smartphones out there with many other features which out weigh these little things.

If  budget is not an issue Galaxy S7 is the best Android phone in the market right now.

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  1. You made all this from some benchmark scores? That’s it? Why is everyone so clueless.

    Obviously you must be new to the whole exynos vs snapdragon soc. And it seems tech as well because everyone knows you can’t just go straight of benchmarks.

    The exynos has consistently had better cpu power. And it’s no different here.
    Any REAL WORLD TEST has shown this.
    And the past few generations have been a little weaker in gpu, but throttled a lot less giving much more consistent graphics that don’t die off so quickly.
    Have to check into that but it’s probably the same case here.

    Not to mention the exynos version always coming with far superior audio output.
    Or how about how the exynos version being completely bootloader unlocked?
    And if all else fails….what about the battery life gain the exynos s7/edge has over their snapdragon counterparts. About 20% better.

  2. X 20 is no where near to SD 820 or A9 at best will offer performance near to 808 and 810

  3. what if we compare the Exynos 8890, A9, SD 820 and Helio X20? What do you think about the place of X20 here?


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