Some People Want Smartphone Without Camera

May sound absurd but it is true some of the users are really looking for a smartphone with no camera. Of late we’ve come across a lot of youngsters asking us if there are any smartphones available in the market that come without a camera!!! Yes… as shocking as it sounds to you, so does it to us.

Some People Want Smartphone Without Camera

Couple of days back we got an email from a Candytech reader Rakesh Sarin from Bangalore, he asked about a good smartphone with all features but without a camera or with detachable camera, he works with a top IT company and is prohibited by the company to carry a camera phone inside the work premise. He uses a feature phone. 

On observing what’s the common influence between the members of this coterie having such a weird demand, we got to know that all of them belong to either the BPO/BPM or the IT industry.

Where you not allowed to carry a smartphone with a camera because of security issues, but you can bring a feature phone.

Where a good camera has been the priority on the specs list for a swarming crowd on the one hand, on the other hand, we have this limited fraternity of people who do wish to have a smartphone but without a camera.

Smartphone Without Camera: – Not that they don’t own a camera, they do… but the usage of it is bounded only for areas and time apart from work. Primarily, they end up using non- camera or better said, ‘dumbphones’!!!

If you ever come across a crowd lurching outside an IT park or a BPO workplace and see them engrossed with a bud in one hand and a phone on the other, don’t be too curious or baffled by it.

These people get to look at their smartphones once or probably twice in 8-9 hours or even more if they have extended their working hours. So they try to soak in all the goodness of the social networking bytes in the minimal time possible.

Having spoken of the dilemma this fraternity faces, we now have a look at what makes the social networking accesses of these people so limited.

A major part of these IT/BPO set ups have their businesses being outsourced from large MNCs or Corporate giants and the data or information that they work on are critical to the existence and competitive advantage of these enterprises.

On obvious grounds, they would never compromise on this confidentiality at any cost. Therefore, as a part of the confidentiality maintenance clauses, these enterprises restrict the usage of camera phones outside the working floors data processing areas.

As a result, employees have to leave behind their camera phones before they proceed to their workstations.

Making up for this lost time interval on social networking updates throughout the working hours, these employees end up spending most of their resting or sleeping hours on updating their social networking status.

If you’re reading this article, you can very well understand how important social media is in our current lifestyle!!

The addiction has reached to such an extent that there have been posts imagining the presence of social media handles retrospectively, like during the Moghul era or the pre-independence period.

Though it is undoubtedly recreating to read these intellectual yet hilarious posts, it goes beyond just the recreational purpose.

With the advent of 3G and 4G technology smartphones have evolved and needed for data and information consumption has become extremely high.

It shows us how social media has penetrated into our lives, so much so that we could recreate any scenario in its backdrop. Think about a Shakespeare play with Social media backdrop…Hmmm… maybe another ‘Romeo & Juliet.’ Just kidding!!!

The CEOs of tech giants… are you listening??? We have a niche crowd here needing you to come to their rescue.

‘A smartphone without a camera’-is all that these innocent little beings in the virtual world are asking for.

How feasible as a venture this would be, does it makes a business case for you, we are not very sure. But yes, we can expect a considerable crowd is buying such handsets as their primary device.

So… let the FB and WhatsApp troll take on, and workplace be a little more fun!!!

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  1. there are very basic Nokia phones sent for talking and SMS. also brands like I ball have phones for senior citizen that do not have camera.


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