Sony Playstation VR VS Oculus Rift – Future is Coming

At the Game Developer Conference going on in San Francisco, Sony has made some interesting announcement for the upcoming PlayStation VR by Sony.  Sony is going to launch the PlayStation VR in coming October 2016.

Sony PlayStation VR

The new PlayStation VR is compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4, and it is a good deal for people already own a PlayStation. Sony is going to bring the new VR Headsets and offer some free content too to Gamers so they can experience the truly immersive VR experience.

The PlayStation VR will be launched in Oct’16 and will be priced at $399 in US markets while it will cost around Rs. 30,000 in the Indian market.  No exact price for the Indian market is revealed by Sony. The PlayStation VR fits on the wearer’s head and has a high definition display along with the motion tracking sensor to deliver immersive graphics rendered by the PlayStation console.

Oculus Rift VR

On the other hand, Oculus owned by Facebook is going to launch the first VR headset Oculus Rift which costs $599 or Rs. 40,000. The Oculus Rift is not compatible with the Sony PlayStation and would require you to have a Gaming PC to enjoy the games in virtual reality.


The cost of gaming PC for having great VR experience is also not less ($ 800) for people in the US, and if you buy the same PC in India running a Nvidia GTX 970, it may cost you close to 70 – 80K. So the cost of ownership for an Oculus Rift is above 1 lakh by all means.  I am not adding the cost of VR content Games and Videos.

There are more than 35 million PS4 consoles already sold, and there are about 100 games which are going to be available for the PlayStation VR said Dan Page of Opposable VR. Sony is also stating that they may have around 50 games for VR by the end of 2016.

One big feature Sony is pushing is the players using the VR headset can play games with people watching it on TV, which is ideal for multiplayer games and usually Gamers may not be having 2 VR sets and it also ensures that the person wearing the VR is not a lone gamer.

Smartphone-Based VR Headsets


You can also buy some of the cheaper VR headsets like the One Lenovo is selling with the Lenovo K4 Note or Samsung VR headset which costs around 8K. But the user experience is going to be way better on the Oculus Rift with ultimate PC graphics capability followed by the Playstation VR and then the VR experience from the smartphone headsets.

Future is Coming

The VR is the most significant technological advancement that a lot of companies are banking for 2017 and beyond. Starting with tech companies like Facebook, Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Sony, AMD, and Nvidia – this is calling for huge investment and lots of R&D. But will mainstream consumers adapt to it, will it capture the young generation’s imagination and make them converts from regular mobile, console and PC gamers to VR gamers?

A new breed of gamers and enthusiasts will be born; all this is yet unknown.

Though companies may want all this to happen and all too soon, but the past has some significant failures like 3D TVs, the concept was great but never became mainstream.

A lot of things matter, price, ease of use, social acceptance, user experience and availability of content.  But definitely you ought to try one to know how it feels, there is no getting away from VR for now.

Sony VR Experience

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