Sony ZV-E10 Mirrorless Camera - All Details

Sony has unveiled a new mirrorless camera named "ZV-E10" on 28 July 2021 and will be soon available for purchase.

The camera costs $699 in the US or close to Rs. 52,500 in India.

The new mirrorless camera is designed for vloggers and content creators.

If you are a Youtube content creator, this could be an excellent affordable option to help you film faster and have great video quality.

Sony is bringing most of the features from the a6400 to this compact camera and adding some more new options that help in making solo videos easy.

Sony ZV-E10 mirrorless camera

Key Features Sony ZV-E10

Unlike the Sony ZV-1 that was launched last year with a fixed lens, the new ZV-E10 comes with support for APSC interchangeable lenses.

You can use different lenses with this camera for different scenes and looks.

If you already own a camera like Sony A5000, a6000, or a5100 and want to upgrade to a newer camera, the ZV-E10 can be a decent choice.

The camera features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C type Exmor CMOS sensor with a 3:2 aspect ratio and can record 4K videos (3,840x2,160 pixels) 30p, 25p, or 24p.

Additionally, it comes with a 3-inch TFT touchscreen display with a fully articulated screen which is much better than the flip-up screen on the Sony A6400.

It makes it fairly easy to compose the shot and monitor what is getting filmed for A-rolls or vlogs.

Additionally, there is background blur or defocus features that can help you shoot videos with soft bokeh.

Even, It delivers you beautifully detailed images with minimal noise in dim light conditions.

It has a built-in 3-Capsule Mic that captures your voice clearly even when you're in a crowd.

The camera has an ergonomic grip and is lightweight (weighs less than 343 grams).

The Sony ZV E10 gives you high-resolution images with an ISO range of 100 – 32000.

You can connect the camera with a PC and your Sony Xperia smartphone via USB Type-C cable to use the ZV-E10 as an external camera.

Furthermore, you can easily share professional-quality videos on social media soon after shooting using free imaging edge mobile software.

We are also getting Sony's Cinema Picture Profiles to shoot in S-log format and color grade the videos in post-production. Some of these formats were even missing on camera, like Sony A6100. Notably, this is an 8-bit camera and doesn't support a 10-bit color gamut.

Also, we get some connectivity options such as a 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, USB-C port, and HDMI out.

For shooting long sessions outdoor, its battery provides up to 125 minutes of continuous movie shooting or up to 440 still images.

Additionally, you can power the camera using external mobile batteries via a USB Type-C cable to extend your recording time.

Major Cons and missing Features

I think there are three cons for this camera -

  • There is no Viewfinder; if you are a photographer who uses the viewfinder to take sharp images, this can be a deal-breaker.
  • The camera doesn't have in-body stabilization like the Sony A6600 (fairly expensive), but you will have to shell nearly double cash to get the beefier option from Sony if you want that feature.
  • The battery capacity is not huge, and it is still using the old FW-50 battery that offers an average battery backup.

Colors and Pricing

Lastly, the Sony ZV E10 is available in 2 colors, White and Black, and comes along with a price of Rs 52,000(only for the body), and with a 16-50mm lens, its price goes to Rs 59,500. India pricing may increase due to the import duty and GST.

Comparison between Sony ZV-E10 vs. Sony a6100 vs. Sony a6400

Specs ComparisonSony ZV E10Sony a6100Sony a6400
Display3-inch Fully Articulated Screen3-inch tilting screen3-inch tilting screen
Sensor24.2MP APS-C type Exmor CMOS sensor24MP - APS-C CMOS Sensor24MP - APS-C CMOS Sensor
ProcessorBionz X processorBionz X processorBionz X processor
ISO range100 – 32000(expands to 51200)100 - 32000(expands to 51200)100 - 32000(expands to 102400)
ViewfinderNo1440k dot electronic viewfinder2359k dot electronic viewfinder
4K videoYes(@ 30p, 25p, or 24p)Yes(@30p)Yes(@30p)
Autofocus425 phase detection425 phase detection425 phase detection
Continuous shooting11 fps11 fps11 fps
Aspect ratio3:23:23:2
Battery440 shots420 shots410 shots
Memory card slot2 SD card slot1 SD card slot1 SD Card slot
ConnectivityUSB-C port, 3.5mm port, Microphone, and HDMI out3.5mm, Microphone, HDMI, USB 2.0 portHDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB port
WirelessBluetooth, WiFi, and NFCBluetooth, WiFi, and NFCBluetooth, WiFi, and NFC
Dimension115.2 x 64.2 x 44.8 mm120 x 67 x 59 mm120 x 67 x 50 mm
Weight343 grams396 grams403 grams
Launch Date28 July 2021February 20198 February 2019
Price(Body only)Rs 52,000 or $699Rs 64,990 or $874Rs 75,990 or $1023

Concluding thought

The Sony ZV-E10 has a lot going for it if you plan to make videos with it. This can be a run and gun camera for making faster Youtube videos that may help you stick with the daily upload schedule.

There is an option to add a microphone that may be handy for many creators who want better audio than the onboard camera mic.

Many creators don't use the viewfinder and will be happy to use the fully articulated touch screen that can make the filming process way easier.

Considering the features and price, it makes sense to buy this over the a6100 or the a6400 if your primary purpose is to shoot videos only.

Also, You can upgrade to the Sony A6600 that offers much better battery life, 10-Bit recording support, viewfinder, and in-body image stabilization.

However, the price for the a6600 is steep, and if you are beginning your creative journey and looking for your first camera, the ZV-E10 is surely a value for money proposition.

Can Check out a detailed Video from Jason Vong on the ZV-E10.

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