Soul Stirring Samsung India Ad has 40 Million Views

We usually forget what we have, the blessings that god has given us, our abilities, our family, our good lives and all other things, we take granted. But not everyone is not so lucky, they have some of the biggest voids and misfortunes. They over come daily, still they smile and live life fully.

An old saying “Write your sorrows on Sand and your blessings in Stone”. 

Samsung Ad has done an excellent story boarding to connect – How some small things done right and on time can impact the lives of many.

It is a heart warming story line and beautifully shot ad, reminds of an Asian Paint award winning ad which came couple of years back.

Soul Stirring Samsung India Ad

Samsung electronics has released a new commercial and it has garnered 39.2 Million views in quick time, it was uploaded one week back and it is already the most appreciated ad on YouTube.

Samsung services has a launched a campaign that they will serve their customers no matter where they are located and when they want.

The ad shows a Samsung Van and an executive travelling to a very remote location in Himalayas , to repair a TV.

But this is not what is special about the Ad, there is more.

The engineer reaches the home and a blind girl open the doors, he wonders how she will see the TV. The girl is too keen and asks again and again  if it is repaired, she wants the TV to work. But why does she wants that so eagerly, watch the ad to find out?

Samsung India Service AD – We Will Take Care of You, Wherever You Are !


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