Soul Stirring Samsung India Ad (Top Samsung Ads)

We usually forget what we have, the blessings that God has given us, our abilities, our family, our good lives and all other things, we take granted. its Still, they smile and live the life entirely.

An old saying “Write your sorrows on Sand and your blessings in Stone”. 

Samsung Ad has done an excellent storyboarding to connect – How some small things are done right and on time can impact the lives of many.

It is a heartwarming storyline and beautifully shot ad, reminds of an Asian Paint award-winning ad which came a couple of years back.

Soul Stirring Samsung India Ad

Samsung Electronics has released a new commercial, and it has garnered 39.2 Million views in quick time, it was uploaded one week back and it is already the most appreciated ad on YouTube.

Samsung services have a launched a campaign that they will serve their customers no matter where they are located and when they want.

The ad shows a Samsung Van and an executive traveling to a very remote location in the Himalayas, to repair a TV.

But this is not what is special about the Ad, there is more.

The engineer reaches the home and a blind girl open the doors, he wonders how she will see the TV. The girl is too keen and asks again and again if it is repaired, she wants the TV to work. But why does she wants that so eagerly, watch the ad to find out?

Samsung India Service AD – We Will Take Care of You, Wherever You Are!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 New Ads Teases Apple iPhone 6

Samsung continues it’s teaser campaign against Apple with the latest series of Teaser Ads. In the past few months, Samsung has launched various teaser ads the popular one was Wall Huggers and Apple I phone 6 screen size. This may have been able to create doubt in the minds of buyers who perceive Apple as a synonym for innovation.


Steve Jobs himself emphasized that 4.0 inch is the perfect size for a smartphone as you can use it single-handedly and now Apple has changed that stance.  On the other hand, all this doesn’t matter one bit to Apple followers who have pre-ordered millions of Apple iPhone 6 smartphones. Here are the video Ads enjoy them.

The teaser Ads are based on the theme “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” which targets apple’s late adoption of  large screen size phones

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

Samsung Mocks Apple in New S6 Wireless Charging Ad

The Add is withdrawn
These are the series of 6 Ads which boasts of Note 4 superiority over an Apple iPhone 6, I am not sure whether Samsung is teasing apple or in the process showing insecurity and promoting apple I Phone 6 more.

Samsung Takes the Dig at Apple and other smartphone brands in this new video AD. The Ad shows a guy trying to get under his desk and fit in the apple charger from at the bottom of the desk and then try to move the chord upward to plug it into the iPhone.

The Ad mocks at Apple and other brands who don’t have the wireless charging which Samsung offers in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Watch the Video here to see how Samsung is making fun and trying to bring out the point that wires are so unnecessary and you should switch to the wireless era now.

Samsung Mocks Apple in New S6 Wireless Charging Ad

Also Recently Samsung called the Selfie stick users “cave people” which caused a lot of hue and cry from the people who use selfie sticks to take images. They don’t need to do that with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge as the smartphone has a wide-angle camera and wider focus to capture good selfies without the need of using the stick.

Samsung also mocked the other smartphone users like Apple, who try to take a group selfie but all cannot fit in a shot due to lack of wide angle on the smartphone camera. However, a guy who has the S6  is easily able to take the selfie with Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Mocks Selfie Stick Users and calls them “Cave People.”

Samsung continues to create these Apple-mocking ads to make fun of Apple; there were some earlier Ads also when the Apple iPhone 6 was launched with a larger display and Samsung went berserk with its attack on Apple mocking that they have arrived too late to the large screen smartphones party.

Samsung S6 and S6 edge have found success in the market, despite the high price the Samsung S6 is selling and premium Android users like the smartphone. Undoubtedly it is the best premium smartphone you can buy right now, with worlds fastest mobile processor Exynos 7420 and a great 2K display the smartphone rings the bell for enthusiasts.

On the other hand HTC and Sony are in trouble with there top-end smartphones using the Snapdragon 810 which cause heating and performance issue in the HTC One M9 and Sony Xperia Z3+.

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