Tata Sky Free TV Vs Netflix – What to Choose in India?

Tata Sky Takes On Netflix With A Free Service

Netflix was launched last week and saw a warm reception in India, especially in Metros where people already consume the type of content Netflix offers.

Tata Sky, one of the largest DTH provider in India reacted to Netflix launch and made watching TV on the internet free for it’s existing subscribers.

Tata Sky Reacts to Netflix Launch

Tata Sky Offers Free TV To Subscribers

The company launched the new service Everywhere TV back in 2013. And it was available to Tata Sky subscribers for Rs. 60 per month. Nevertheless, the service has now become free in the wake of Netflix launch in India.

Tata Sky Everywhere TV is available through an App that is available for both Android and iOS.

Further, the service is also available for desktop and laptop devices through an App for OSX and Windows.

Besides, this App allows users to watch 80 channels live on the Tata Sky. You can view all the channels that you have subscribed to your primary Tata Sky connection on the App.

Additionally, If you don’t have specific channels subscribed to your primary Tata Sky account, then you will need first to subscribe, to watch them on the App.

Notably, the Tata Sky Everywhere can be used on two devices simultaneously per subscriber ID.

How to Setup the App and Start Watching Tata Sky Live TV Free?

The registration process is straightforward and just takes 5 minutes to complete.

First, You can download the App and then log in using the registered mobile number or the Tata Sky Subscriber ID.

Next, You will get a confirmation message, and you are set to go.

What is Netflix offering and Is it Affordable?

Netflix, on the other hand, is offering tons of unique content like popular TV series – Marco Polo, Breaking Bad, Arrows, Orange is the New Black and Better call Saul, just to name a few.  A lot of people have already watched some of these serials by downloading; now these are available for streaming using Netflix.

However, Netflix is not a cheap service. It will cost you around Rs. 500 for a single user registration. However, if you share the service with your friends, it can become cheaper.

But my primary concern is the eye-watering cost of using data.

You will have to bear this additional cost, apart from Netflix subscription charges. Additionally, you need a good internet connection with high bandwidth, at least above 5 MBPS to stream the videos in watchable quality.

The data plans can cost above Rs. 1500 with a 50 GB or 100 GB monthly consumption, making the Netflix service expensive in the Indian context.

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