Home Computers This 5$ USB Device Can Hack Your Locked PC in 60 Seconds

This 5$ USB Device Can Hack Your Locked PC in 60 Seconds


How to Unlock Your Windows PC with this $5 USB Device

An American security researcher cum Hacker, Samy Kamkar had invented a new device, which is capable of hacking your PC through USB ports. He named this invention “Poison Tap” and it will cost just 5 USD.

This 5$ USB Device Can Hack Your Locked PC in 60 Seconds

Samy Kamkar is well known on Youtube for his videos demoing Hacking devices. Some of his cool invention includes a mobile charger that intercepts Keystrokes of nearby devices, Credit card spoofer, A drone that hijacks other drones in its vicinity. He is also the man behind the creation of several computer viruses like “JS.spacehero.”

Now with his recent Invention “poison Tap” Samy Kamkar demoed its working on a MAC (you know, Apple products are excellent for security)  and revealed a vulnerability in USB port of any computing device.

This 5$ USB Device Can Hack Your Locked PC in 60 Seconds

The poison Tap is a Rasberry pi module which is as large as a credit card. It includes 2 micro USB port, HDMI port and micro SD slot on it.  Kamkar had programmed this board such a way to hack PC through USB; the device can even hack any computing device with a USB port.

How Does Poison Tap Works

  1. The device when connected to a USB port, will disguise itself as an internet connection.
  2. The device creates a backdoor for intercepting cookie data of browsers stored on the PC and then records them in its micro SD slot.
  3. The retrieved cookie data on the SD card can be used to login to sites with the Victim’s cookies, without the need for entering passwords. Even if the device is unplugged, poison Tap’s hack codes will be present on the PC. Further modification to the device can allow a hacker to monitor a victim’s web activities from a remote location.
  4. If you are leaving your PC in public places, one such device can hack the PC even if it’s locked and password protected.  Also, if there’s no internet connection, Browsers are continually requesting a connection, for the process like updates. This activity of browser will pave the way for hacking devices like Poison Tap.

The reason behind developing Poison Tap may look evil, but it helped us to be aware of just another Hacking method. Kamkar is not going to sell it to a public. But The Raspberry Pi module he used (raspberry pi zero) is openly available for anyone with evil intention.

With A little expertise in this kind of modules, and coding knowledge anyone can create a poison tap. But Thankfully Kamkar hasn’t revealed the source code of poison tap.

Here is a Video BY Samy Kamkar

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