This Smartphone Can Save Your Life : CAT S60

If you are stuck in a burning building and can’t see through the smoke cloud or where the actual fire is the new smartphone from Caterpillar known as the S60 can save your life with thermal imaging and ability to see through smoke. Maybe something you would desire to carry with you on work if you work as a Fireman, Police or medical staff.

This Smartphone Can Save Your Life


Caterpillar had launched the world’s first smartphone with the thermal imaging sensor.

We have come across some unique smartphones that carried features unrelated to the conventional smartphone world, a smartphone with an E-Cigarette,  smartphone which floats on water and now a smartphone with the thermal imaging sensor.

This Smartphone Can Save Your Life

These may not become popular as mass market products, but then there is a small niche which may find them extremely useful.

Likewise, the caterpillar which makes construction machinery had created a smartphone with a thermal imaging camera, to assist mine workers, military personals and people who may need the technology to save lives in tough situations.


You may be familiar with big yellow earth-movers named as CAT; the same company is making smartphones that are hard enough to withstand impacts from the construction environment.

This time the company had made the Caterpillar S60 which is a rock solid smartphone made of die cast steel frame, combined with Corning’s Gorilla glass 4 for the screen.

The smartphone’s drop test is said to be exceeding military standards. Proving it to be one of the toughest smartphones on earth. Motorola also recently launched the Moto X Force which offers good resistance to drops and scratches, though it is a mass market mobile.

Additionally, the smartphone also has a tightly sealed design which allows no space for water to enter the smartphone. The water resistance test claims the smartphone can withstand one hour underwater at a depth of 16 feet, ( 5 meters).

Most Rugged smartphones were weaker on internal hardware specs, but that’s not the case with the CAT S60.

Cat S60 carries decent hardware which includes a 4.7 inch HD display; it’s also worth mentioning that the screen can recognize touches with wet fingers or while wearing gloves. The display is super bright with 540 nits max brightness levels.

Some of the Asus smartphones also offer this feature too with the Glove touch technology for their Zenfones.

The smartphone is powered by the  Snapdragon Octa-core processor 617 and comes with 3 GB of RAM.

It has got the latest Android Marshmallow 6.0 OS from Google. The Cat S60 also has got enough storage space to save all those thermal recordings with a 32 GB inbuilt storage.

The Cat S60 comes with a 13 MP camera at the rear and a 5 MP camera at the front.  For the thermal imaging, there is a separate FLIR sensor at the top, which is capable of observing temperature variations along with correct thermal reading even in complete darkness.

The resolution of thermal imaging is limited to VGA, and its capable of recording thermal images at a distance of 100 feet. It can perform both the function of capturing still images and videos too.

As we said, it is not a mass-market product and will appeal to you unless you fell in love with the smartphone for its ruggedness.

Caterpillar will be showcasing the smartphone at the Mobile World Congress between February 22 to February 28 in Barcelona, Spain. The smartphone is priced at $600 (or Rs. 38,000) and will go on sale sometime in March 2016.

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