TitanFall 2 Single Player 4K GamePlay is Exhilerating

Respawn Entreatment, the ex-team behind everyones beloved Modern Warfare 2 is going all in with their new game sequel. With the mixed response the Devs got with original TitanFall, with critics praising it for its speed and new game mechanics, while in reality, the core gamers left the game stranded only after some weeks leaving no audience to play with.

Hopefully Respawn learning from their mistakes will add more game-play modes to make things interesting, and as I pointed out, is hoping to go all in with adding a Single Player Campaign and a hint towards a TV Series adaption.

TitanFall 2 Single Player 4K GamePlay is Exhilerating

It’s anyones guess how the TV series will work out as it’s a new craze on the block for many publishers and their upcoming games. But as this news was back from February, it might be that EA will decide not to pursue any TV shenanigans following the negative response from Quantum Break TV show.

Back to Gaming, EA released a new Campaign Trailer for TitanFall 2 in 4K quality. And some info regarding what to expect from the Single Player. Respawn is trying to show both sides stories merged together – the agile Pilots and the powerful Titans. Some new info :

  • Aside from usual full blown over the top action cinematic sequences and set pieces, the campaign will also have some slower moments to focus on the story.
  • It is not half baked tutorial for Mutliplayer but after completing the campaign, player would have learned how to perform all abilities better, eventually helping out in Mutliaplyer.
  • In single player, the citizen soldiers of the Militia continue their fight to retake the Frontier. Set against them are the occupying forces of the vast, Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation.
  • The story begins when the Militia deploys a small fleet to the planet Typhon, in support of a wider offensive push, setting the stage for you (Jack Cooper) and your Titan (BT) to journey through a hostile and strange, yet beautiful world.
  • Game will introduce some multiple dialogues options when talking to your Titan named BT. Though the conversations are only for the colors, and they will not change the stories outcome or anything.
  • Be your own Death Surgeon : Choose however you want to battle through the enemies horde. You can adopt a more surgical shooter approach, or you can go chaotically chaining every ability you have learned. You’re free to go in and out of Titan at any time if both of them are present in a fight.

Titanfall 2 is set to release on 28th October, 2016 for PS4, XB1 and PC.

Written By Shubhendu Singh.

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