Tomb Raider is an Adrenaline Pumping Adventure thriller

The rise of Tomb Raider is Coming Soon

The Rise of Tomb Raider trailer got released during the E3 2015 and the ongoing Comic con brought in some more screenshots for the adrenaline pumping adventure exploration game.  For starters, the game is set in Siberia Russia among the world’s most dangerous and beautiful landscapes.

Update – 11- Jan-2016

The Game will release on PC on 28 Jan 2016. Also, Nvidia is going to bundle the Rise of Tomb Raider Free with some of the top-end Nvidia Graphics cards. Check more details at the end of the article. 

Tomb Raider is an Adrenaline Pumping Adventure thriller

The trailer shows Lara struggling in the terrible weather of the Russian Siberia with snow storms and freezing temperature.  The game is the sequel to the Tomb Raider 2013 and will release in November for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  In fact, Crystal Dynamic studio the developer and Microsoft Studios is the producer.

Tomb Raider is an Adrenaline Pumping Adventure thriller

The Rise of Tomb Raider is all about the experience of Lara Croft of the supernatural on the Yamatai and her quest to explore the truths and myths around the world.

Tomb Raider is an Adrenaline Pumping Adventure thriller

The story revolves around the search for the ancient city of Kitezh build by the Prince of Vladimir of 13 century.  Lara on her journey is accompanied by Jonah Maiava on this dangerously beautiful adventure on snowy peaks of Siberia.

The Gameplay involves Lara to do hunting and look for scavenging material. Lara can use these materials to forge weapons and even utilize them for survival in the harsh weather.

Besides, the Game reminds me of the Far Cry 4 with the epic snow-covered Himalayas and ability to utilize daily use objects to craft weapons. Even we can use essentials from plants and animals same as FC4.

Lara will fight the Trinity organization and the brutal natural environment to reach and uncover the secrets of Kitezh.  Moreover, the gameplay and trailer look action-packed and there is not a single dull moment I can find. Also, the fast-paced trailer shows us a glimpse of heavenly treat we will get in November 2015 when the game becomes available.

Watch The Rise of Tomb Raider Siberian Wilderness Trailer – High Octane Gameplay

We expect Microsoft to release the game beyond its own console and deliver it on other platforms like PC, PS4 and the PS3.

Nvidia Graphics Card Free Tomb Raider Bundle is Applicable for following Graphics cards:

Aforementioned, here are the details of Nvidia cards you can buy to avail the free game.

Desktop – Nvidia GTX 980 Ti , Nvidia GTX 980 , Nvidia GTX 970

Laptop – Nvidia GTX 980M, Nvidia GTX 970M

Notably, Nvidia GTX Titan is not part of the bundle offer. Also, the popular mid-range Nvidia cards, GTX 960 and GTX 950 are not part of the deal.

Lastly, The PC version of the Game is going to release on 28 January 2016 and the free game bundle offer is applicable only till 16 February 2016.

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