Top 10 Highest Rated Games To Play on Consoles and PC 2017

There are tons of top Games which you can play on PC and XBOX One, PS4. Here is a brief list of highest rated and awarded games which have been great in 2016 and can be played in early 2017.

  1. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt : Blood and Wine

Top 10 Highest Rated Games To Play on Consoles and PC 2017

We know we are technically cheating by putting an expansion to contend with other entire full fleshed games, but that is just because how exceptionally good this game and this expansion was  – which put many full priced games to shame. No wonder Witcher 3 went on to become the highest GOTY award winning game of all times even beating The last of Us.

Even its expansion won 7 GOTY awards in 2016, that just how crazy good this whole affair was. CDPR has raised the bar for Western RPGs and seems like Publisher-kings of the older world will be chasing this games mantra for years to come…we can only hope if they can learn a thing or two about free DLCs from CDPR.

Meta Critic Score : 92

GOTY Awards Won : 7 


Final Fantasy XV Delayed Coming on 29 Nov

Nothing seems more satisfying than a hard worked project bearing fruits. In UK, it became the second fastest selling game in the series’ history. And in US during December, it showed best console launch month sales in the series’ history and was second most sold game beaten only by mammoth Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Total shipments and digital sales for Final Fantasy XV have till now far exceeded 6 Million Units.

Square Enix has successfully bring new life into Final Fantasy franchise managing to attract old veterans as well as new players. With comics/manga, anime series to full feature animated movie with eye bleeding visuals, seems like all that hype was worth it. We will be glad to see how Square Enix will manag to evolve this semi-open world RPG-action formula going forward.

Meta Critic Score : 82

GOTY Awards Won : 7 


Top 10 Highest Rated Games To Play on Consoles and PC 2017

The sequel absolutely surpassed the original in terms of ideas, setting as well a new playable character which seems fitting with the story. However for a action-stealth game, it was release right in between juggernauts of games amid the most rushed time of the year in November – we should all assume with so many games coming out some clashes are bound to happen. Had this hurt Dishonored sales in a tragic way, we simply do not know.

Also the poor PC performance of this game doesn’t help it in the least, but on the system that it did work the game was almost praised by all gamers and critics. With much more flexible gameplay and re-playability, the game packed much for worth its price and quality.

Meta Critic Score : 88

GOTY Awards Won : 8 


Top 10 Selling Games On PS4 XB1 PC April 2016

Top 10 Highest Rated Games To Play on Consoles and PC 2017 – Prepare to be amazed. After great – but no so great Dark souls 2, From Software gave us PS4 exclusive Bloodborne which revitalised the formula. And Dark Souls 3 successfully integrated everything that was great about Bloodborne into Dark Souls 3. Gone were they glitchy mess of the previous game and the slow paced action, (which weren’t bad by any account) – and was transformed into a fast paced thinkers game where every swing was much more calculated and intense, all brought on by a good storyline going all the way back to Dark Souls 1.

A fan favourite by all account the expectations were off the roof and DK3 touched them fairly good. It was a perfect send off to this great franchise with Hidetaka Miyazaki stepping down from the franchise director. Lets see who will helm this franchise in the future if From Software decided to revisit it. In your humble writers opinion, one should not poke a classic with a half assed attempt just to grab cash. I think all of us would be glad if From Software rest this franchise and move onto making Armored Core or some new IP perhaps.

Meta Critic Score : 89

GOTY Awards Won : 11 


Limbo was released in 2010. After cementing itself in the best games ever made in history of gaming, we can assume Developer PlayDead was busy making Mobile and handhelds ports for this brilliant game. Even after that, INSIDE was in works for more than 5 years with a gametime of only 4 hours. That is not a stroke against this game, with only 20$ (Rs.500/) price – it is a testament of how polished and cherished its development would had been.

Without spoiling anything, INSIDE is a game you just have to experience on your own. We are eagerly waiting for Playdeads next game, lets hope it could be released before the end of 2018.

Meta Critic Score : 91

GOTY Awards Won : 12 


PC Hardware Specs Required to Run Battlefield 1 Smoothly

Was it able to dethrone Call of Duty ? Yes and No. It certainly outdid COD in terms of sheer gameplay value, but the giant has still ways to go before upsetting COD in sales. However everybody seems to realise well now how COD has fallen and BF1 has got to be the go-to shoot ‘em up multiplayer to take its place. We will have to wait and see if COD explores more setting and more colors other than Modern and brown.

It comfortably grabbed the most sold title in its launch month. And how Battlefield 4 sales and age were any indication, this thing will keep on selling until the next instalment. Campaign wise it was not all glorious as compared to actually-fine COD campaigns, but we could see they tried something new with campaign. Battlefield 1 still has 261k active players.

Meta Critic Score : 89

GOTY Awards Won : 14 


Top 10 Highest Rated Games To Play on Consoles and PC 2017

The Last Guardian was perhaps just some years away from being ended up on milk cartons back as missing for years. But Sony pulled a miracle in 2015 and revealed all but completed game. Team ICO with games developed like Shadow of the Colossus had great technical feats for their day and age, but we fully understand why some of the graphics would be a little to outdated. We still still love to see what a new Team ICO can accomplish with modern engines to its full potential.

Anyway, The Lats guardian gave what it promised form the very start, which was a heart warming story of a boy and a owl-cat creature who had surprisingly cat like behaviour. We can put this game as a controversial entry into the Top 10 of 2016 because it wasn’t everybodies cup of tea. But gamers and critics all over the world cherished this game and the legacy attached to this huge a game almost warrnats you give atleast one try before dismissing it.

Meta Critic Score : 82

GOTY Awards Won : 14 

  1. DOOM


It may not have won all the GOTY awards there exists, but is surely was capable of so. DOOM was the best game of 2016, its fluent gameplay capturing the fast thrill of the original doom. Bethesda certainly knocked it out of the park with this one, but made one grave mistake of not sending review copies beforehand – certainly because of the backlash DOOM faced on its multiplayer. Not to mention it was the best PC port we have seen in years, thanks to Vulkan.

All the games in this list may not stood the test of time, but DOOM will without a single doubt will be remembered for years to come. It all bends into psychology too that the game we expected to be mediocre turns into gem (Shadow of Mordor, Watch Dogs 2) and the one with huge expectations falls flat *cough*No Mans Sky*cough*.

Doom went on with a slow start became became a raging demon in the sales charts after the word of mouth went out. We will never know what records it could have broken if Bethesda/id had showed confidence in their game or tried a different marketing strategy.

Meta Critic Score : 85

GOTY Awards Won : 25 



Who could have thought that Blizzard could make a FPS game ? Not only make it but excelled at it with flying colors. They did took any help they could from FPS veterans like Treyarch, and the results shows. Overwatch is insanely balanced, incredibly polished, astoundingly charming and what perhaps is most important – it is well supported by its creators and players alike. With a rich story in a multiplayer game just for the heck of it, Blizzard just simply knows how to make good games period.

They may take their time to get things straight, but with a fallen TITAN-MMO project has risen a Team Fortress successor which will print money for as long as Blizzard could want.

Overwatch is easy to learn, harder to master and just so god damn fun to play. TF2 fans would say all there is lacking from this game is Hats…more hats.

Meta Critic Score : 90

GOTY Awards Won : 91 
Honorable Mentions :


the witness

It’s good to see when a passion project comes to life and bodes well to both – the gamers who were pleasantly surprised by it, and the creator who did enjoyed the labour of his work with appreciation and great sales.


titanfall 2

Blame EA, for what could have been a great game was released into a massacre between Battlefield1, Gears of War 4 and Call of Duty IW. What your humble writer as well as plethora of fans beforehand predicted, Titanfall regardless of having a great campaign and ok-ish multiplayer (compared to last Titanfall which was outstanding) – The Titanfall 2’s demise rest solely on the hands of EA’s release window decision.


Uncharted 4

Everybody expected this. Naughty Dog has yet to make a make which didn’t made our jaw drop. Visually as well as with a heart warming tale coming to its end, the fans couldn’t have possibly asked for a better send of story wise than what Naughty Dog delivered. The game however could have gotten away with some less climbing and had a poor pacing if you were new to the franchise, but to the fans every slow second was understandable and cherished. The new expansion The Lost Legacy will cure some hardcore fans itch, and anything extra from ND-gods is a delight to have.

We know this for a fact that Uncharted franchise has been put to rest. Naughty Dog has moved on to new IPs, new sequels and challenges, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Meta Critic Score : 93

GOTY Awards Won : 141

So there you have it folks, the Top 10 games to play in early 2017.
We have a lots of new games coming into 2017, a new console released form Nintendo is always exciting, new IPs to be shown at E3, Xbox Scorpio reveal just few months away, Mass Effect Andromeda being released, Horizon Zero Dawn, fate of Crackdown 3, demise of Scalebound, Unsuspecting launch of Halo 6 with Xbox Scorpio?… the fate of VR games…there are lots of things to look forward to.

We will be sure to address this in further articles. Till then, happy gaming in 2017.

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  1. The fact that most of the top rated PS4 games are just remastered old PS3 or PSVita games, just really shows how truly poor this last year was for the PS4. Seems like everyone was better off getting those free than something like Knack or Killzone which are both fairly poor for big launch titles.


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