Transparent Display Smartphone Augmented Reality For Future

Couple of days back, Lenovo’s new sub brand Zuk unveiled its prototype of Transparent display showcased during the launch of its first smartphone – the Zuk Z1. The display allows to see through it while simultaneously displaying information on the screen. This is a new innovation in smartphones and is yet at a conceptual stage.

Transparent Display Smartphone

The prototype that was shown by Zuk will be able to display images, make calls, and perform all display functions like a normal smartphone screen and features a completely bezel free design

Companies like Samsung have already developed some products with such kind of displays, like the Samsung NL22B Smart signage used for showcasing Retail products in stores which displays   information  about the product digitally like price, ads etc.

Samsung transparent display

Transparent displays are already been there for many years, but there’s nothing much to do with these kind of displays as they have very less practical applications like the augmented reality.

There’s no news about release or availability of the display on a smartphone, but it would be appealing to see such sci-fi devices to come into reality.

The transparent displays are not a major breakthrough in technology transparent displays works in a similar manner like a normal LCD display,  indeed most of the LCD displays are transparent in nature.

If you ever dismantled a LCD screen you may have noticed a reflective sheet adhered to the back of the Glass, which when peeled off, the LCD becomes transparent up to certain level and still works perfectly, the same applies to OLED displays. But the trick lies in making it completely transparent

Another example for this is a LCD projector, which is also a transparent LCD display backlight by highly intense white light

Are transparent displays ready to revolutionize the smartphone world?

It is less likely, though the transparent displays look cool, they won’t make , mobiles more productive in the form factor they are currently available.

The major concern in implementing these kind of displays is the viewing quality, now a day’s people are seeking 4k and Retina displays,  but the transparent display will never  have that much clarity for reading.

Transparent Display SmartphoneImage Credits : Gizmo China

The contrast ratio of Transparent displays will be less when compared to normal LCD displays – black won’t appear black and white won’t appear white.

Another problem with these displays is they require a lot of power for better illumination , since we are still using the decade old large lithium batteries , combining them with transparent displays will sounds crazy, even if manufacturers manage to develop compact batteries to be adapt transparent displays , they won’t  have  much juice to run the device for a long period of time.

But may be in future smartphone manufacturers can develop a better design to overcome these flaws. We don’t expect the transparent display smartphones to come in full production at least in 2016 but beyond that there is strong possibility.


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