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China Hits Back, Won’t Use Windows in Govt Offices

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In the latest feud between China and the US, China is planning to strike the US with a ban on Windows software in its government offices, reports FT.

China is planning to stop the use of Windows software in the next 3 years in its government offices and even wants to curb the usage of American hardware.

This means China will also stop using laptops and computers made by Americal companies in the offices.

According to the publication, the Chinese government will replace 30% of Windows PC in 2020, 50% in 2021 and remaining next year.

Considering the US Ban on the Chinese sweetheart Huawei, this was expected from the protectionist Chinese government.

On the other hand, the American warrior Donald Trump is planning to blacklist several Chinese companies in the field of AI, especially dealing with public data or facial recognition. Even big companies like Hikvison that deals in security cameras and even has a significant presence in India is getting a stick from the US president.

It is yet to be seen when the Chinese Communist Party goes after the wealthy US phone maker Apple and creates issues for the company.

The only hurdle in doing so is that a huge volume of iPhones are made in China and can the Chinese afford to shoot themselves in the foot by going against the Cupertino giant.

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