True Gaming Smartphone 10 Cores 4GB RAM – Predator 6

Acer Predator 6 – First 10 Cores Phones for Gamers

Forget the Octa- Cores ( 8 Cores) here is the new Deca – Core ( 10 Cores) powered smartphone from Acer which is ideal for gaming and multitasking if you are a power user.

True Gaming Smartphone 10 Cores 4GB RAM

The new smartphone from Acer is known as the Acer Predator 6. The smartphone along with the Deca Core processor has 4 GB RAM to max out all android games and give ultimate gaming experience.

Looking at the design and styling, it has the aggressive looks we see on the alien ware or Asus republic of gamers laptops.

Gaming mobiles are becoming more popular and young generation buying smartphones for Android, and iOS gaming is increasing.

Gone are the good old days when we use to game on the CRT monitor with 128 MB Nvidia graphics cards, more processing power is there in today’s smartphones than I had in my PC years ago.

Acer is dishing out the new smartphone which is meant for Gamers and is designed to play the high-end Android games on the 6-inch screen.

True Gaming Smartphone 10 Cores 4GB RAM  – The smartphone has 4 speakers one at each corner and is likely to be a Full HD screen mobile.  The device provides haptic feedback when in full-screen portrait mode, to give you feeling of console gaming on the device.

True Gaming Smartphone 10 Cores 4GB RAM

In conclusion, it is as much aggressive looking as are it’s specs and can blow any Android game with ease.

Camera Details

Next, If you like to click the winning face image with the Acer Predator 6 you have got a 21 Megapixel camera on the device to capture your glorious movements.

At the Berlin IFA conference today the mobile shown the first time and may take at least a month for the commercial launch or even more.

Acer also introduced a similar aggressive looking tablet which has an 8-inch screen size and is for gamers.

Predator Tablet

The Acer predator, 8-inch tablet, comes with Full HD Display (1920*1080)  and runs on the Intel Atom X7 processor along with the Intel HD Graphics.

In fact, the tablet is for gamers and will provide an excellent gaming experience on the device.

True Gaming Smartphone 10 Cores 4GB RAM

The Haptic Feedback is as real as it gets with the two haptic motors into the slender chassis because both of your hands should feel the rumble of the road, incoming damage, and weapon recoil.

The tablet comes with grip pads at each end to make sure you don’t drop it in the heat of action.

Lastly, Acer is trying to break the convention in the similar specs, similar design, already saturated smartphone and tablet market.

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