tvOS and watchOS Key Features Coming in 2017

WWDC 2017 is the first Apple Event of 2017, being held from June 5 to 9 at the Convention Center in San Jose, California. As usual, WWDC starts with Keynote that typically focuses on the Software launches such as iOS and WatchOS but there were a lot of hardware announcements as well.

This is primarily because they skipped holding any events dedicated to hardware announcements earlier this year. This is also the reason this was one of Apple’s longer Keynote events despite a fast pace and sketchy details on some topics.

Apple started the even with a new Advertisement to showcase how important is the Apps eco-system for Apple and how developers are contributing to making the Apps eco-system great.

Major announcements:

Tim Cook shared that they have 16 million registered developers. 5,300 developers from 75 countries are also attending WWDC 2017.


Not too much is happening for the tvOS but there was a major update from Apple for Apple TV users. Amazon is coming to tvOS though the TV App. Amazon Prime Video content would now be available on Apple TV.



The watchOS 4 was announced. The Apple Watch will get three new watch faces.

  1. New Siri watch face, displays contextually relevant information on the watch face. The display updates as per time and location to present most important information for that time.
  2. New Kaleidoscope watch faces
  3. Woody, Jesse, and Buzz from Toy Story.

The Workout app is updated to better capture achievements.

tvOS and watchOS Key Features Coming in 2017

Auto laps feature for swimming, whenever you stop to rest at the edge of the pool would be recorded as a lap automatically.

watchOS 4 will have high-intensity interval training feature. Not calling it a “triathlon” mode but essentially you can switch from exercise to exercise like you would in a tri-mode.


Gym Connect – the Apple Watch can connect to gym machines through NFC to better calculate the calories burnt but reading information such as inclination, speed, etc.

The new Music app streams music from Apple Music automatically.

New dock for apps, where you can scroll through recently used apps for ease of navigation.

Can read more about the latest Apple Watch 3 and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus here.


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