Ubisoft E3 2016 – New Upcoming Games (What to Expect)

Doesn’t matter where you’re in the world right now, or how you first learned to pronounce “Ubisoft” correctly, modern gamers are well informed on Ubisoft’s actions.

To their annual flagship Assassins Creed franchise, beloved Far Cry series and stealth Splinter Cell, to broken launches, unfair marketing and downgraded games. But when Ubisoft is not surrounded by controversies, I personally have a respect for their games and the enthusiasm they bring with every new title.

Ubisoft E3 2016 - New Upcoming Games (What to Expect)

Ubisoft doesn’t shy away from new ideas, they bank everything on every IP to make it big, they treat their smaller projects with much love and dedication, and surprisingly comes up with new IP’s again and again to take the world by storm. Their games makes you stand up and take notice, that is an undisputed fact for their new games.

So we will be looking at what new crazy surprises Ubisoft may have for us this E3. Before their conference starts at, 14th June 1:30 AM (IST – New Delhi) LIVE on Youtube/Twitch.


Expectations are…askew.  There was a new leak that the Watch Dogs 2 is coming on 15 November 2016. On one hand people are still salty about original Watch Dogs being over-hyped and infamous downgrade from their first reveal, and on the other hand people are optimistic that maybe Ubisoft have filled the holes from the first game and shined out a better game we all know was hiding inside the original game somewhere.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

Just like how the first Assassins Creed game was nice, but with AC2, Ubisoft managed to swing it to new heights, with fans still claiming it to be one of the best AC game ever made. Could Watch Dogs 2 repeat that ? Ubisoft cheif executive certainly thinks that, claiming WD2 has the potential to become Ubisoft’s best selling game of all times.

The discomfort many share against the protagonist Aiden Pierce has also seems to be addressed. A certain leak signals a new protagonist which looks a little more hipster and falls in just over teenager age limits by the looks of it – but nothing has been confirmed yet.

With Ubisoft already sending out promotional content to youtubers, sporting a new logo, we should expect a lengthy Gameplay trailer on its reveal, maybe this time Ubisoft clarifying on which machine the gameplay is been run. The release date should be around 2016 to Q1-2017.


A clear inspiration from PS1’s fan beloved game “Bushido Blade”, Ubisoft announced sword brawler AAA game called For Honor at E3 2015. Apart from looking gorgeous, the twin stick attack style made it a striking new challenge in sword fighting.


At first the game looks to be multiplayer focused RPG and so the developer Ubisoft Montreal has worked hard on perfecting its second to second action while still affecting the overall battleground, but to our pleasure later clarified that For Honor will indeed have a Single player Campaign.

Playable classes includes Knights, Vikings and Samurai in mutliplayer. No details about the campaign has been given out yet, and this being For Honor’s second year, we should expect many details this E3. Game will release on PS4, XB1 and PC.

Watch Trailer 


Ghost Recon franchise hasn’t tasted mainstream success in a while. Last big game came out in previous generation and the 2014-entry was a last effort Free to play exclusive PC title when WiiU port didn’t come out as planned. With Wildlands, revealed last year, Ubisoft is taking this into the mainstream spotlight again by making it the first Ghost Recon open world game and it looks quite good so far.

Ubisoft E3 2016 - New Upcoming Games (What to Expect)

The game will feature 4 player Coop, but if you want to play solo, 3 AI crewmates bots will replace them. Game is set in modern day Bolivia, it will have no far future gadget. Missions can be completed through various ways, driveable vehicles like even tanks are present, and on your off time you can assault enemies outposts which sounds a bit like Farcry mechanic.

The player is customizable, its weapons and clothes can be upgraded too. Whether Montreal can pack this into an exciting cohesive experience is remains to be seen, but we’re cautiously optimistic about its end result. The game will release on PS4, XB1 and PC, and will be the first Ghost Recon game on current gen consoles.

Watch Trailer


Breaking all previous records, The Division had the best sales opening of all times for a new IP, beating the previous placeholder Destiny. Now as the honeymoon period has ended, many players are claiming the lack of content and tons of cheaters in the game.


Ubisoft’s next big expansion should be showcased this E3 trying to win back those who has given up on Division. It’s very clear Ubisoft won’t be throwing the towel on this game for a very long time seeing its success at launch. Recent free 1.2 patch introduced new Raid and balancing issues, and with that new bugs and glitches.

A little detail about Rainbow Six Siege should also be expected, along with any new DLC Ubisoft has planned for it.

However, the main post launch game updates spotlight will still be on The Division. With a new Division movie being proposed as I write this, it wouldn’t be too weird if we hear about some details about it too.

SOUTH PARK, JUST DANCE 2017 and a fresh dose of CRINGE

Even if by some miracle you haven’t heard of South Park, just saying its latest games title “Fractured But Whole” out loud gives you a clear idea what this is aiming for. South Park’s previous game, The Stick of Truth surprised everyone by how really good it was.


But South Park creators making their first game went on with many problems and were pretty adamant about not making another one ever. Ubisoft somehow persuade them to make another one, and this time Coon and friends are back, making a mockery of all the superhero DC/Marvel movies that are all the rage right now.

With so many other titles to cover, we really don’t expect anything more than a short gameplay trailer.

I am as surprised as you’re that Just Dance is still going on. And added to my surprise is the fact that Just Dance does very good sales number of Ubisoft, on an old console like Nintendo Wii.

As sure as day, there will be a Just Dance 2017 showcase live on stage with all the pain inducing cringe moments that will get immortalized in forms of E3 memes and gifs. If we can’t stop them, atleast we can laugh at them.

Watch Trailer 


There won’t be a Assassins Creed releasing this year. The reception of Unity and the slower sales of Syndicate finally made Ubisoft AC churning machine flinch for a moment. Even when Assassins Creed movie will be hitting theaters this December, there won’t be a game releasing to take benefit of movies marketing and reach.

So are we going to see a preview of Assassins Creed game set in Egypt releasing in 2017 on a 2016 E3? With all the other games that Ubisoft has to show first, I am not expecting AC this E3.

And Farcry is in the same weird boat. Even though Farcry Primal sold really really well, is Ubisoft going to showcase yet another Farcry just 4 months after its launch? For the first time in many years, we don’t know what to expect from both of these franchises this E3.

And it may be a bold prediction, but I am inclining on very minimal details about these games. But it’s still needs to be said that many see Farcry Primal as a glorified expansion acting as a full game, and if it’s true, the team may have been working on FarCry 5 for a longer time than we first expected, and could drop a teaser for a 2017 release.



We KNOW it is in the works. Ubisoft has confirmed it themselves claiming it to have a strong digital service presence. Absolutely nothing more is known about this IP.


There is a new racing game on the works. Ubisoft bought The Crew developer, Ivory Tower last year, and they couldn’t be working on anything other than a racing game given the developers pedigree. Whether we will see the game this year or next is up in the air.


Last Splinter cell game came out in 2013. A new game on current gen needs to happen. Ubisoft Toronto back in 2015 did mentioned they’re working on a AAA game, whether it is a new Splinter Cell or is it the same mysterious new unannounced AAA IP Ubisoft teased helmed by Ubisoft Toronto? We will have to wait and see.

Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Below – Which Game are you Most Excited About. 

Written BY – Shubhendu Singh.

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