Upcoming Macbook Pro 2016 Leaks and Details

It’s been really long that Apple updated its most powerful laptop line-up , The Macbook Pro.

Major discounts on the previous generation MacBook Pro and few other sources are indicating towards a strong possibility of Apple launching their latest hardware later this year.

Here are Top 10 features that we expect to see in the upcoming Macbook Pro.

Upcoming Macbook Pro 2016 Leaks and Details
Top 10 Rumors about the Macbook Pro 2016

1). Oled Touch Bar.

As per the sources, the upcoming macbook pro may come up with an oled touch bar replacing Fn keys. Finally some innovation by Apple after a long period.

2). Might replace the Macbook Air

Rumours are rife that Apple is working to slim down the Macbook Pro to replace the Macbook Air, which has not seen a major update since long.

3). Latest 6th generation Intel Skylake Processors

One of the most obvious upgrade will be the inclusion of the lastest Intel Skylake processors which will improve major performance boost.

4). AMD GPU for better gaming experience

According to the reports, AMD has designed a new GPU for Apple, for its latest FinFet 14nm architecture graphics cards for better gaming and video editing experience.

5). 15% Better Battery efficiency.

Skylake would improve battery life too. The 13in Retina MacBook Pro’s might improve to match the 12 hours battery offered by the MacBook Air making it the most battery efficient laptop.

6). The Butterfly Keyboard mechanism

The butterfly keyboard mechanism which is said to be 40% thinner than the traditional keyboards might get introduced in the MacBook Pro just like the latest Apple Macbook.

7). 4G LTE Connectivity.

On 24 May 2016, Patently Apple shared a patent filed by Apple, which showcases a MacBook with cellular capabilities, which might turn into reality this year.

8). The introduction of Siri in  Macbooks.

Some reports from China point towards a possible introduction of Siri in the MacBooks too for a better communication between the users and the device.

9). Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner.

Similar Touch ID Fingerprint scanner in the MacBook will revolutionise the laptop security mechanism just like it did in the smartphone industry.

10). Launch with the Iphone 7.

After alot of unsuccessfull speculations about the MacBook Pro launch at the Apple WWDC, reports are pointing towards the launch of MacBook Pro along with the iPhone 7.


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