iPhone 11 PRO Superior Jobs Edition Costs a Mindblowing Rs. 4,95,555

Caviar, the luxury mobile phone maker from Russia has released its own spin of the iPhone 11 Pro called “Superior Jobs” edition.

The company claims that the mobile has an actual piece of the iconic black turtle neck worn by the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs.

The marketing pitch for the insane price is that you can own a bit of the legacy of the legendary Apple founder by buying this new iPhone.

The iPhone 11 PRO Superior Jobs Edition is available for $6980 ( Rs. 4,95,555) for the 512 GB. Also, there is a cheaper (pun intended..) 64 GB version available for Rs. 4,26,000 ($6000).

The phone has a similar color scheme as the original iPhone released in 2007.

The bottom side of the phone is black and comes with the piece of turtle neck sweater that Jobs wore, along with the Steve Jobs signatures.

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Realme CEO Caught Tweeting Using iPhone

Realme CEO Caught Tweeting Using an IPhone

Viral Tech News Today: In a bizarre incident the Realme CEO Mr. Madhav Seth tweeted using an iPhone. He was tweeting about the software update on the Realme 3 and the Realme 3i.

The below screenshot was captured by GizChina before the tweet was deleted.

It is odd considering Mr. Madhav Seth is one of the most influential CEO’s in the mobile arena and has a very strong digital presence.

Nevertheless is it is not uncommon for celebrities endorsing Android brands and using iPhone in personal life.

Recently, Robert Dawne Jr. (who plays Iron Man), brand ambassador for Oneplus was caught using the Huawei P30 Pro.

Gal Gadot who is the brand ambassador for Huawei was also seen using an iPhone.

These things are not uncommon for the celebrities but the CEO’s need to be careful about such mistakes.

Usually, the twitter handle for the CEO’s are also managed by digital agencies. An employee of the digital agency may have done the blunder.

We are not sure who did it but would have brought smiles to rival faces, who are otherwise hit by the blitzkrieg from the brand.

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