Warning These Headphones Foams Cost Unbelievably High

When we are buying products do we ever get to know the cost of maintenance? We are never told that in case you need an important part, you will have to pay an insane amount.  I have read horror stories of automobile owners were ripped off and paid an insane amount for parts and routine service of cars.

They have shared their tragic stories on forums like team BHP and advised other owners to be cautious. It is good to share some of these stories so brands become a little conscious and other buyers get to know some pre-purchase information.

Warning Most expensive Foam for Headphones

The Sennheiser PX80 or Sennheiser PX 100 – they are fantastic headphones and offer great sound quality. The headphones are too good that you would not buy any other headphones in this price range if you have listened to these. The deep bass and a clear sound they offer they are simply irreplaceable for me.

Anyways after using the headphones for almost 1.5 years the Foams got soggy and started tearing away.  One day I pulled one of it and the foam came in hand and the ugly plastic beneath surfaced out.

I bought the Sennheiser PX 80 for Rs. 14,00 from Flipkart and they offer 2 years of warranty so I thought it will be a good idea to call the customer care and get the foams replaced.

I contacted them a feeble voice answered my queries and told me to come to the service center and they will replace it.

Finally one fine day I traveled to the service center and the guy told me that you need to pay Rs. 450 for only foam replacement and since it is under warranty the service is free.

It is not that I have not been looted before, but how on earth can two pieces of foams cost Rs. 450. I said loudly in my mind Wh-DA-FAQ is this and was bit angry, maybe the service guy also heard it and glared at me.

With travel cost plus the price of insanely expensive foams, I spent Rs. 650 that day to restore the Headphones. I could have ordered a new Headphone and spent Rs. 1300 on the new unit; but that wouldn’t either have been wise. For a Rs. 1300 Headphones you cant pay Rs. 450 for foams sounds stupid and ridiculous. It is like you are buying an Rs. 5000 Moto E and put Rs. 1500 Screen Guard on it. Who would do it, but sometimes we don’t have much choice.

Though I am happy now listening to “ Pitbull” on the restored most expensive Foam Headphones :). And I recommend these headphones despite the belligerent loot for foam price but at least the foams are available, some of the high-end headsets manufacturers don’t bother to provide spare parts.

Take the story on a lighter note, Sennheiser is a great brand and I totally love it.

P.S – I searched all portals to find a cheaper genuine option, none was available. Even Chinese have failed to make a good copy.

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