Weird and Unusual Smartphones in The World

The Smartphone that Floats on Water

Surprised, if you have not read about this before. Here is a smartphone which is beyond waterproof. Comet is a new company which is going to launch in 2016 and is planning to do an unprecedented phone launch. 

Weird and Unusual Smartphones in The World

The first smartphone they are bringing is known as ‘Comet’ and will be the world’s first buoyant smartphone if the company is to be believed.

Besides, it is an IP67 certified device which can withstand water for 30 minutes up to 1 meter deep. The company also claims that if by accident it falls in water it will not get submerged in water but will float on the surface.

Probably not everyone needs a smartphone which will float in water, but 100% marks to the founders for thinking something out of the box.


The founder of the company is of Indian origin Prashant Raj; he is an engineer and calls is a founder, inventor and probably is behind the unique Idea.

There are other members of his team Mathias Mende Chief Business Development Officer and Ian Brewster ( Chief operating officer).

Coming to the smartphone here is what it offers regarding Specs and features.

Key Features Comet

Qlock – The feature makes the smartphone more secure for communication, it utilizes the military grade 256 Bit AES to encrypt the voice communication.

Mood Recognition – There is an intuitive software and bio-metric sensor amalgam which sense the mood based on body temperature and adjust the tone of the smartphone based on the mood.

Key Specs Comet Smartphone

  • Display   – 4.7-inch display with Full HD 1080P AMOLED Display.
  • Process – Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Clocked at 2.0 GHz.
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • OS – Android Lollipop OS 5.1.
  • Front Camera – Dual 16 MP Camera to Click selfies.
  • Rear Camera – 16 MP rear camera Auto Focus and Led Flash.
  • Internal Storage – 32 GB / 64 GB.
  • Weight -120 grams.
  • Supports – 4G LTE and 3G data network.
  • Battery Capacity – 2800 mAH
  • Expected Date of Launch – Mid 2016.
  • Expected Price – $400 to $600

Lastly, it will come in two variants 32 GB version and 64 Gb version and will be available in Gold, White and black colors.

Lg Has a Smartphone That Drives Mosquitos Away – LG K7i

LG has launched a new smartphone on the sidelines of the Indian Mobile Congress in New Delhi. The new smartphone LG K7i drives mosquitoes away using a new Technology.

The Lg  K7i comes with a unique “Mosquito Away” Technology which uses the rear speaker to emit ultrasonic frequencies (30 Hz) which drive away the mosquitoes. Human beings cannot hear these frequencies and the K7i works silently to drive Mosquitoes away.

Lg k7i Mobile

The frequencies are harmless for human beings and the phone does not require a refill like mosquito repellents.

The Lg  K7i comes with an additional rear cover with this large speaker which you can use when you want to drive the mosquitoes away. There is also a normal back cover which comes with a phone and it is also bundled with a Mosquito away stand. A full package to wage war against mosquitoes.

LG K7i is an Expensive alternative to Mosquito Repellents

Moreover, LG has been known to unveil some weird innovations from time to time like the LG G Flex (phone with a flexible display), first dual camera phones or the modular phones.

Lg k7i Mobile

Additionally, the LG K7i has a price tag of Rs. 7,990 in India and will go on sale in the retail market soon. The smartphone has Dual sim support, egregiously it runs on the 2-year-old Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

Definitely, the old OS is capable of driving tech enthusiasts away from the K7i, not sure about its mosquito repellent powers. The device has 5 Inch Oncell display and comes with HD resolution.

Powering the Lg  K7i is an unknown Quad-Core processor, along with 2 GB Ram and 16 GB of internal storage. The storage is expandable using the micro-sd card slot.

The smartphone has an 8 Megapixel rear camera and also has a 5 Megapixel front selfie camera. The Lg  K7i has a 2500 mAH battery capacity which is adequate for its size.

Lastly, the mobile is lightweight – 138 grams only and measures 8.1 mm in thickness. It is a pretty expensive alternative to All Out or Odomos with its 7,999 price tag.

The LG K7i is a good concept phone, but for all practical needs, people are not going to spend money on a phone with dated OS and hardware.

LG has been ridiculous as far as the consumer research and market understanding is concerned.

Who in his right mind will work on this type of innovation?

Probably, LG should look at what people actually want from their smartphone, rather than working on useless products. If the brand ever wants to win real market share and make a mark in the mobile segment.

I don’t despise LG but considering the number of resources and technological advantage they have, it is terrible to see the brand failing in the India market for years.

P.S: I am not sure if you consider the new insanely expensive iPhones weird, but they are as far as the pricing goes.


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