What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features

Windows 10 is the Exciting New OS From Microsoft

Terry Myerson, the executive who heads the Windows business, introduced Windows 10 in San Francisco on 30th September 2014.

Microsoft gave a first public display of the next generation of Windows known as “Windows 10”. As per all earlier rumors and leaks, the windows version was supposed to be called as Windows 9. Microsoft has skipped the naming convention series & have announced it as “Windows 10.”

What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features

Windows 10 New Features:

At a press event on Tuesday in San Francisco, Microsoft has shown some preliminary features. Such as ways to switch more easily from one computing task to another. Even work on multiple applications: such as email, Web browser, and Excel spreadsheet, simultaneously on one screen.

What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features?

Here are the Top 7 features you would love in the New OS.

1). The most significant change from the Windows 8 platform is the return of the prodigal “Start Menu.”  It was essentially needed by the non-touch devices to improve the user experience.

2). The latest software will run on a variety of devices, and is what Microsoft is calling “our greatest enterprise platform ever.” Further, Microsoft Windows 10 will continue the support for Touch devices and simultaneously for Mouse and other pointing devices.

3). One of the best features which was missing in Windows 8 and 8.1 was the ability to differentiate between a tablet and a PC. The new windows 10 offers users switchable mode between a tablet and computer.

4). Moreover, the Windows 10 will come with a customizable live tile in the Start menu. Microsoft said the experience would feel “supernatural” to Windows 7 users. These are the live tiles as shown in the picture below and, you can customize the tiles as per your need.

What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features

5). Windows 10 offers Support for Multiple Desktops, you can set one for your Office work and other for Home

Multi desktop Support windows 10

6). Notably, Windows 10 Bring the functionality to resize the Apps; This was one of the significant shortcomings for Windows 8.1. We were not able to resize the apps when listening to music and other apps felt annoying at times. Also, the Windows 10 brings the Windows 7 functionality back.

windows 10 app can be resized

7). Muti-Tasking is made accessible on Windows 10. You can easily customize the open windows preview with New windows:

Multitasking made easy on windows 10

After the launch of Windows 8.1, it was expected that Microsoft would launch the Windows 9, but instead, they launched the Windows 10. Below are some leaks and details about the Windows 9.

Early Leaks Windows 9

Microsoft is trying to bring best in both touch/ nontouch! Windows 9 Can be Perfect Platform for both Desktops & Mobile.

windows 9

Windows ‘Threshold’ or Windows 9 is intended to win over Windows 7 users, who are more familiar with the old environment of windows 7. They found it easy to use it on a desktop or a non-touch laptop compared to Windows 8 or 8.1. The Windows 8 or 8.1 is best suited for the touchscreen devices.

Let’s check out what Windows 9 has in store for us.

Here is the latest Preview of the Windows 9 Platform

It took almost 5 years for Microsoft to understand that the start menu was the best thing. Finally, they have put the simple interface back in the windows 9. I use windows 8.1 and Windows 7 on different laptops; Windows 8.1 is promising and have many new features. But at times feels annoying to access some settings that are way faster in Windows 7. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope Windows 9 will live up to the expectations.

Earlier we reported in July about the upcoming Windows 9 Platform 

Microsoft tried a lot to sell and upgrade Windows 8, but they failed miserably to do so. Notably, Users did not found any value in upgrading to Windows 8 because of the poor user experience. The Windows 8 is perfect for tablets and touch devices, but old users who are accustomed to the start button are unable to adapt.

Further, the Windows 8 market share is around 11% while Windows 7 and XP still hold a much larger (close to 80%) share.

Operating System Market Share
Operating System Market Share

Windows “Threshold,” the next major version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system is due around mid 2015.

According to many sources, Microsoft will continue in this fashion with Windows Threshold. The Threshold OS will look and work differently based on hardware type. It will have different layout for different type of devices for e.g a tiled layout will be there for touch devices and a Windows 7 type of environment for mouse and pointing devices type systems.

Two-in-one devices, like the Lenovo Yoga or Surface Pro, will support switching between the Metro-Style mode and the Windowed mode.

Microsoft Want To Improve Usability Issues of Windows 8

Moreover, One of Microsoft’s primary missions with Threshold is to undo the usability mistakes made with Windows 8. The Windows 8 is a good OS for touch devices, but for non-touch, it is a different story.

The Desktop/laptop SKU of Threshold will include, as previously rumored, the Mini-Start menu; a new version of the traditional Microsoft Start menu with customization.

Microsoft is basically “done” with Windows 8.x. Regardless of how usable or unfunctional it is or isn’t, it has become Microsoft’s Vista 2.0 or Windows 2000 that was a super failure. Before the Windows XP rescued them, and that is what Microsoft is expecting from upcoming Windows. 

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