What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features

Terry Myerson, the executive who heads the Windows business, introduces Windows 10 in San Francisco on 30th September 2014. Microsoft gave first public display of the next generation of windows  know as “Windows 10”. As per all earlier rumours and leaks the windows version was supposed to be called as Windows 9. Microsoft has skipped the naming convention series & have announced it as “Windows 10”

What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features

Windows 10 New Features:

At a press event on Tuesday in San Francisco, Microsoft have showed some preliminary new features such as ways to switch more easily from one computing task to another, or work on multiple applications—such as email, Web browser and Excel spreadsheet—simultaneously in one screen.

What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features: Here are the top 7 features your would love in the New OS

1). The biggest change from the windows 8 platform is the return of the prodigal “Start Menu” which was much needed by the non touch devices to improve the user experience.

2). The latest software will run on a variety of devices and is what Microsoft is calling “our greatest enterprise platform ever.” Microsoft windows 10 will continue the support for Touch devices and simultaneously for Mouse and pointing devices.

3). One of the best features which was missing in windows 8 and 8.1 was the ability to differentiate between a tablet and a PC. The new windows 10 offers users switch able mode between a tablet and “mouse and keyboard mode”.

4). Windows 10 will come with a customizable live tiles in the Start menu — Microsoft said the experience would feel “super natural” to Windows 7 users. These are the live tiles as shown in picture below and you can customize the tiles as per your need.

What is New in Microsoft Windows 10 Preview and Features

5).Windows 10 offers Support for Multiple Desktops you can set one for your Office work and other for Home

Multi desktop Support windows 10

6). Windows 10 Bring the functionality to resize the Apps which was one of the majors shortcomings for windows 8.1 we were not able to resize the apps when listening to music and other apps felt annoying at times. Windows 10 bring the windows 7 functionality back.

windows 10 app can be resized

7). Muti-Tasking made easy on Windows 10 you can easily customize the open windows preview with New windows:

Multitasking made easy on windows 10

Here is a video introduction to Microsoft Windows 10:

You can read here for more details on windows 10 on the Microsoft official blog:  Windows 10 Microsoft  Related Post what was expected in windows 9 

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