If you have got an old smartphone which is lying in your desk drawer, you can use it creatively for watching internet TV or maybe use as a security camera or as a remote for your TV.

There are many things you can do with that old Android, iOS or Windows mobile. Let’s Explore some of the best things you can do.

Old Android Phone Hacks Worth Trying in 2019


You can very easily push all your smartphone content on to your T.V. if your T.V. is wifi enabled. Don’t worry if it is not wifi enabled. Simply purchase GOOGLE CHROMECAST 2 and you are all set to cast quality videos and images on to your television display. You can enjoy YouTube Hotstar and even the media files on your old smartphone.

What to Do With an Old Smartphone - 5 Smart Ways To Use it

Simply install the Google Home application on your old smartphone and plugin the Chromcast into your T.V. HDMI port and connect them to the same wifi network and follow the simple instructions then sitback and simply enjoy your movie.


You just need a few simple things to set up an advanced security system in your house Your old smartphone, an active Wi-Fi connection a stand and you are all set to surveillance your house.

Just install ALFRED: Home security system application. This app comes packed with great features like live view, alerts when it detects any sort of movement and or even stores data on its server for seven days.

Its functioning is simple just install it in your old smartphone and in your primary phone. The old smartphone functions as the camera and primary phone work as a viewing device. For this login with the same Google ID on both the devices and monitor what’s going on behind you.


Don’t panic if your old smartphone doesn’t have any IR Blaster sensor it can still be used as a remote to control your MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX PC. Simply download the unified remote software on your PC and application on your smartphone.

Then connect them to the same Wi-Fi network and its done. Now you can control your keyboard, mouse and video playback or browse the internet from a distance.


If your old smartphone has a DAC or audio signal processor it can be used as a music player. Simply connect it to the music system installed in your house to deliver quality music content. Just download all your favorite music tracks and install Equalizer Music player booster by DJIT to tune and adjust your music output.

Further, you can download apps like SAVN, WYNK MUSIC, GAANA and HUNGAMA to enjoy a wide variety of regional music. You can invest money in a good quality Bluetooth speaker and enjoy music on the go connecting it to your old smartphone preventing drainage of battery for your primary smartphone.


21st-century children are smart enough to control smartphones and if you find difficulty and inconvenience in sharing your phone with your child for gaming then simply reset your old smartphone and install the game according to the age group of your child and provide him as a special gift.

Sometimes kids are too smart they will ask for your new phone instead of the old one. But you can try it.

What to Do With an Old Smartphone - 5 Smart Ways To Use it

You can get simple strategy and puzzle games like candy crush, Clash of clans, Subway surfer and even graphics intensive games if your phone has decent specs, you can play need for speed or GTA, mortal combat the list is endless.

Bonus – Kids these days also watch a lot of youtube videos and you can also use the old device for that purpose also. Saving your new phone from getting dropped and scratched.

These are some of the cool ways you can use the old smartphone lying somewhere in the house.  If you have discovered any more use for it. Do share with us in the comments below.

And if you don’t mind you can also sell your old smartphone to someone who needs it on O.L.X. Or Quikr. You may also like to read a guide on How to buy the best-LED TV for yourself.

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