Whats New in the Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft office 2016 All New Features

Microsoft is planning to launch the new office suite for Windows PC on 22nd September 2015. The new version for the office will be known as the Office 16 and will replace the Office 2013.

Whats New in the Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft wanted to launch the office along with the Windows 10, but there were unfinished modules due to which the release is delayed by 2 months.

The Office 2016 for the MAC OSX is already available and is launched by Microsoft to meet the demand for Mac users who find the iWorks not as useful as the office 2016.

I used the Mac version and excel is way better and easier to work than the Mac Numbers app, it is also due to the fact, I am tuned for years to run the office and shifting to numbers look painful to me.  Old habits don’t die easily.

The office is going to come with a new color theme which is similar to the experience on MAC, IOS, and Android. You can download the Office 2016 preview for free and enjoy it. Download office 2016 from Microsoft’s official website.

Whats New in the Microsoft Office 2016 – 10 Features Which makes the Office 2016 Different

1). Pen and Ink – Math Input using a digital pen, digital device or even touch screen, you can write a mathematical equation with the digital pen in excel, and it will get converted to the typed format.

2). Quick Shapes Formats – Addition of new templates for quick shapes make your presentations more interactive and give you more options to present thoughts in more creative ways.

3). Higher DPI Support 250% to 300% – using large screens with High definition displays will not make your text look blurry and pixelated on the new office 2016. This can be ideal for presentations done on larger monitors with 2K or 4K display.

4). Outlook email attachments are much easier to add – edit and preview in the new office 2016.

5).  Use Clutter in Outlook to sort low priority messages – the new function makes you segregate the high priority emails from the low priority ones by moving the low priority emails to a separate folder.

6). Dark Theme – If you hated the office 2013, especially the outlook for having a cluttered look and inappropriate use of color scheme, things might look a little better with the office 2016.  This new theme is designed to provide users with visual impairments who find overly bright displays unusable in Office 2013, with a more visually subtle background to work within the apps.

7). Excel Charts get some more Chart Designs – Financial: Waterfall, Statistical: Histogram, Pareto, Box, and Whisker.  Hierarchical: Treemap and Sunburst

8). Cloud Connection – makes it easy for sharing the documents on cloud and saving your work on the One drive simple and fast.

9) Inserting images into the WORD and Powerpoint is going to be more comfortable than before and will get more options to edit the pictures.

10) The real-time Authoring and editing of documents stored on the cloud improve efficiency when you are working on a long document with your team members, and the same text is edited simultaneously.

Looks and design will also get an update in the office 2016,  I have been using the Office 2016 for the MAC for quite some time and find it smooth and easy to use. The essential functions and ease of work have been retained in the new office 2016.

It is yet not officially declared that Microsoft will launch it on the 22nd September, but as far as an internal Memo from Microsoft it is most likely to release on 22nd.

Microsoft Internal Memo  On September 22, 2015, we’ll release Office 2016 — with updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Skype for Business, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher. The innovation wave continues in Q2 with the release of E5 and Skype for Business, and on-premise servers will follow. This is the central hub for all Office 2016 Commercial readiness, training, and marketing materials. Mark this page and check back frequently, as we will be releasing new documents, weekly, to support the launch.

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