WhatsApp Update GIF Support and More Media Sharing

WhatsApp Latest Updates and Features

Whatsapp has always been known for exceeding expectations of its users. So much so that the latest update from the cross-platform messenger service seemed to be a bit too late for its patrons. Android users have been expecting Whatsapp to come up with the updates when iPhone users prided themselves on having it earlier last year.

The long wait finally bore fruits this January. Along with GIF Sharing, GIF Search is now an integrated feature in Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Update GIF Support and More Media Sharing

Users can now search for GIF files using keywords. The media sharing limit that was 10 earlier has been increased to 30 with the new update for Whatsapp Beta on Android. Now you can attach 30 files at a go instead of just 10.

Android users having Whatsapp Beta v2.17.6 will now be able to search for GIF images & use them like emoticons in the present version. The button for emoticons will have a GIF icon too.

Users can select from a range of GIF options on Giphy or search for relevant GIF based on keywords. The two platforms are blended seamlessly so that you don’t have to move out of either of it & can continue using it simultaneously.

Unlike earlier where users could only convert videos or live images and send them across as GIF, now they are directly accessing GIF on the chat interface.   Giphy makes this integration all the more smooth.

When you’ve been to a memorable event & can’t wait to share all the lovely snaps that you clicked. But every time you select images to be sent, the hurdle that you encountered when you couldn’t send more than a batch of 10 images…. Was a little irritating right?? Now share all those images in a stream as the ceiling has moved up to 30. So, bulk image sharing gets less irritating & faster.

Although all these features are yet in the beta version of Android, it should be available in the stable version not too late from now. Can’t resist yourself from trying these new updates? Then join the Whatsapp beta testing community on Google Play should put an end to your wait currently.

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