Why High Amount Purchase from PayTM Looks Unsafe

Updated 29-July-2018, Written on 29-July-2015

Before you read the article any further, I would like to clarify that the article does not say that the PayTM website or APP is not safe. The Site and APP are safe as per our knowledge and uses appropriate security features to prevent identity theft. Further, the website uses the https certification that is mandatory and necessary for all websites that accept money.

If you are looking forward to buying an iPhone, high-value Android smartphone, laptop or anything expensive from Paytm, please read our experience and then order.

Why High Amount Purchase from PayTM Looks Unsafe

Paytm is relatively new to the world of e-commerce compared to Flipkart and Snapdeal or the veteran Amazon. As far as online recharges and bill payments are concerned PayTm has a great platform and offers are attractive too.

Also, a huge amount of revenue to the tune of some crores flow through the Paytm payment gateway every month, and we have never heard any issues with the recharges. Further, the recharges are done with integration of Payment Gateway of Paytm to the intelligent network of telecom companies and DTH vendors.

The telecom companies are large partners, and so are the DTH services as there is no need to micromanage these businesses. But selling products include smaller vendors, 100s, and 1000s of them that is very difficult to manage even for the likes of Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Our Experience With Faulty Product With Amazon India

The major issues happen when a product is returned by the customer, but vendor declines return due to any reasons. We faced such a problem with Micromax when the Yureka smartphone, we bought, turned out to be defective. Nevertheless, we discussed the matter with Micromax first, yet they declined to replace it outrightly. Further, Micromax stated that the sound issue would be solved once they roll out Android update after 2 months and till then we can use the defective phone.

We escalated the matter to Amazon India, they listened to it on call and after 10 minutes of discussion without any issues accepted to take the phone back even after 30 days of purchase. Refunded the money back to the bank account as soon as the phone was picked up.

This was a classic case of Amazon honoring warranty agreement that in case of product is defective; it needs to be replaced on time. Contrastingly, poor service from Micromax and lack of commitment towards buyers is evident.

Our Experience With Paytm High-Value Purchase

In a similar case with one of our team members, the laptop he bought had a random freezing issue that did not get resolved after a lot of tries.

Finally, after 7 days of purchase, we tried to give it back to Paytm. Since there is no call center, you need to send an email and then wait for 1-2 days to get a revert and then you email and wait.

After you explain the whole issue, they may or may not start a reverse logistics process. In our case, the laptop was 7 days old, and they suggested to visit the Authorized service center, and did not agreed to replace. We then visited the service center they looked into it and was a faulty RAM issue which they changed and gave the laptop back after 7 days of further waiting.

Must Check Return Policy When Buying High-Value Products

Mostly, in such cases Flipkart and Amazon, even Snapdeal respond and arrange for a reverse pick up quickly. You must look at the return policy and the maximum number of days to return a product, in case of a defect, to stay hassle free.

There are several 100’s of complaints about high amount products bought from Paytm and in case there is something wrong the refund and return process is painstakingly long.

Also, there is no call center number for PayTM, no agents with whom you can register your complaint; there is a static IVR Number which is useless if you have a real issue. The Static IVR number is 0120-3062244, but there are no options to connect with any agents.

If you are looking to buy the Next MacBook Pro or the iPhone 8 from Paytm think critically about the discount you are getting or the hassle you want to get yourself into in case it is faulty. I am not saying you will face problems like we did but it can happen.

The lack of proper customer support by Paytm is one of the biggest factor that stops me from making my next purchase from e-commerce platform, even if the discount is mouth watering. If paytm guys happen to read this, they need to at least add a customer care service to help the customers buying products from the platform.

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One Reply to “Why High Amount Purchase from PayTM Looks Unsafe”

  1. Paytm’s sellers are the no1 cheaters in the world. They loot customers just after you make payment. Paytm provides FRAUD and scamolous services.

    If you order any phone then you will get either unboxed product or cheaper and different products. This had been with me since I sign up at their site and purchased MOBILES.

    They are having All Fraud sellers.
    No customer care toll free number.
    Not a single number can connect you to its agent.
    They never replies to your email id once you complain that you are looted and robbed in daylight.
    They become deaf and dump just after sale.
    They cheat and loot customer’s hard-earned money.
    Shame on the sellers who alter the products with that of the orders placed. I want to eat their blood by wrinting 100 negative comments everyday on every website wherever I could. I am a north east Indian Boy. If you have guts then come and meet me face to face for resolution of my issues and grievances.

    All offers of Paytm are totally Fake and their all products are pathetic. All are fraud sellers. They do not have replacement policy nor do they replies to email ID.

    They highlight their products by selling at lesser price to compensate with the guinuine online portals like flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

    Their service is totally fake. Do not order any products from their website. Even their phone number is also not money friendly.

    Better to skip this type of Fraudlous site like PAYTM.

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