Why Internet.org and Airtel Zero Must Lose

#NetNeutrality has been the hashtag which has rocked the Indian Social media in the last month.  With people vehemently opposing the move by Airtel to offers some of the Apps and websites free on Airtel Network. This provides undue advantage to large corporates, media houses and App developers who have deep pockets.

Net Neutrality India 2015

Bloggers, Website owners and small companies will be at disadvantage as they will have to pay Airtel if they want their content to reach to readers for  free.

While the move has been condemned by huge number of internet users and bloggers, still we need to act against it or in future we will pay to access half of the websites.

What is Internet.org how it benefits Facebook and Reliance?

Internet.org is a website which you can access using only Reliance Sim card in India. It gives free access to Facebook and some other media sites which are partners to internet.org.

Reliance will not charge you for data used on the Internet.org but will charge you for reading a non-member site like NDTV gadgets or  Candytech.

This internet.org is launched in poor countries of Zambia, Kenya,Colombia India etc.  They will never launch such sites in Europe, Britain or US as they may be charged with billion dollar lawsuits, for breaking the net.

An interesting Story

Mark Zuckerberg visited a small village in northern India, named as Chandauli.  There in a small school there. He saw kids who wanted to learn from Internet and how internet.org can help them.  Mark Zukerberg got emotional and said “there is so much potential in these poor kids who want to learn and may be one of them has world changing ideas.”

This the story posted on internet.org and is said Reliance and Facebook want to increase the penetration of Internet in India.

Do you believe this beautiful story, I don’t. I have been told such stories by Congress and BJP and other political parties for years. Another “Ache Din Aaenge” promise by Internet.org.

“Ache Din Tabhi Aayenge” – when everyone will stand up for their rights and do what they are supposed to do.

How Internet.org is against the spirit of Net Neutrality ?

Internet.org is by no stretch of imagination a philanthropic activity, to empower poor people of India. It is corporate project to promote Facebook and get people on-board.  More subscribers of Facebook means a higher market value for Facebook, higher Advertising revenues.

What is there for Reliance – They would like to expand the market share and add new subscribers. Internet.org  may be free but they will definitely gain revenue from acquiring new subscribers who will use other services like voice, sms and data for WhatsApp and non internet.org sites.

Which & Why companies have Left Internet.org ? 

The biggest media house Times group, Clear trip , NDTV group have quitted the Internet.org in order to protect net neutrality.  I admire Sachin and Binny Bansal of Flipkart who took the right decision of taking a step back when they listened to what their customers said and opted out of Airtel Zero.

TRAI’s Stand on The Net-Neutrality Debate

TRAI chairman Mr. Khullar reacting on cries of save-internet, said in a statement published in Time of India that “raising voices will not make a difference” to TRAI’s decision on Net Neutrality.  When Barrack Obama can support the net-neutrality in US; I am sure our PM Mr. Narendra Modi will also intervene, provided we make the cry louder and make him realize it is needed by people of India.

Internet need to be equal for everyone, the nature of internet has been free & net neutrality ensures innovation can come from anyone. `Candytech

I love Facebook, it is greatest social media website that Mark have created, but not the internet.org.

If they want to help – Reduce internet charges in India, launch ultra-cheap Android Smartphones below Rs. 2,000. Make 2G tariff dirt cheap so people have access to internet, but not a special Internet.org, which creates a bias.

The ecosystems like Airtel Zero and Internet.org creates a bias for some of the big players in online world.  The AIB guys did a great job with putting things in right perspective.  Today we are getting free access to Flipkart with Airtel data plan tomorrow they may charge us separately over and above data plan for Apps like Viber, WhatsApp or even visiting YouTube and non-partner websites.

The only major advantage and PRO point in favor of Airtel Zero and Interent.org is that it can create web access for very poor people,living in rural India. This will require strict regulations from TRAI and close monitoring that no undue advantages are taken by private companies.

 If it is allowed, we don’t know where it will reach in future, that is the major fear of starting the unequal internet.  

I give my total support to savetheinternet.com and urge all of you to raise your voice. It has to be stopped, we want net neutrality and a free internet for us and future generations.

I am doing my bit by creating awareness, you can do the same, if you want to. Share the article and support Savetheinternet.

All Hail to Free Internet!

Airtel says it is a win-win for the subscribers as well as the marketers on it’s official website.

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