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Why it is a bad idea to Buy JBl Speakers Online for Discount


Well, the title may sound negative & feel like I am writing a complaint, but I would not do that on this website.

It is an article for the best interest of Candytech followers and other readers who would like to buy JBL speakers in India online. I hold nothing against JBL or any other company.

 “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” ~ Bill Gates 

Why it is a bad idea to Buy JBl Speakers Online for Discount

It is a true account of the incident which happened a couple of months back.

I am a sound hound, I love the best in sound quality and quite happy with my Sennheiser MX 470 and Sennheiser PX -100 for headphones.

Also, I have 5.1 channel speaker system of edifier which is good in quality though takes a lot of space, so I planned to buy a set small 2.1 speakers.

Key requirements were to have a great sound quality with less space requirement. Primarily to be used with a laptop to watch movie/music/gaming.

After long research, I concluded that JBL Jembe  Speakers were good with right size price and quality. I had a JBL bar speaker in my high-end laptop and was one of the best sounding laptops made me buy JBL over the competition.

Finally, I ordered the JBL speakers from Snapdeal for a good discount now price is close to Rs. 3000. Here is the Invoice for reference:

Why it is a bad idea to Buy JBl Speakers Online for Discount

The speakers were good in quality, lacked bass but worked well with the laptop for 2 months and one fine day right speaker died, for no reason.

I tried some options but it was dead so located the JBL customer care center number and called them that this need replacement as it is in warranty.

They asked me where I have purchased it, I told them from Snapdeal and the dealer name from where Snapdeal sourced it. They told me politely “ We will not give you a warranty as you have not purchased it from an Authorized JBL HARMON Dealer”.

I was shocked and angry, I do a lot of shopping online for myself and family/friends.

This was very strange they denied a customer who have a 2 month old product with proper invoice, bought from a top online retailer, Snapdeal.

Next, I connected with Snapdeal and told them about the incident. They took the customer care number for JBL from me and took 15 days to get back to me.

They informed they are willing to refund money as JBL refuses to give warranty to them as well.

Here is an email you would like to read.

Why it is a bad idea to Buy JBl Speakers Online for Discount

Finally, Snapdeal took the speakers back in another 10 days and refunded money in 7 more days.

Now, this is a sorry state of affairs with some of the large conglomerates in India with no accountability to the customers.

Snapdeal also took a long time to refund and refused to send me new speakers as the price was increased. I was happy with that as I didn’t want JBL anymore.

Making good products is one thing, selling them is another but giving after sales service is alien to most of these companies.

I would like to add my previous experience with Sennheiser who replaced a headphone in 5 minutes which had a minuscule issue.

I rated them 5 stars for the service even wrote positive reviews about them on popular online retailers.

This incident can only be limited to my experience, hence I would not discourage you from buying JBL speakers. But just one message do check with them if they will give warranty to the seller you are buying it. So you don’t end up running from pillar to post for what is rightfully yours.

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  1. Contrary to the Article and some of the comments here, I too bought a JBL headphone from Snapdeal and within the warranty it developed a Snag. I contacted JBL by email and sent them a copy of my Snapdeal Invoice and they have asked me to courier it to he service center. So far I have not received a denial on their warranty services. I am yet to get in touch with the service center, but if all fails then I might as well just go to Snapdeal and get the money back as they do mention 1year India Warranty .

  2. I have ordered the jbl charge yesterday from snapdeal.but I have seen reviews about this jbl India warranty.as I have contacted customer care in hyd,jbl team said directly that we will not provide any warranty for online jbl products.now I’m in total confusion whether to take the deliver or not as I have paid the amount already.

    • It is risky our experience was bad so was we put the review. if it works fine than no issues if you would like a warranty in case of it does not you will be stuck.

  3. That’s too bad on JBL’s part!! I was about to buy JBL charge from Amazon, reading reviews and found a customer faced the same as you described. His JBL charge gone kaput within warranty and then JBL denied for the replacement. Finally Amazon took that back and refunded the money to him..this sucks!! the refund process takes a good time.
    Now I’m thinking of buying or not from Amazonthe JBL speaker :-[], also no authorized JBL dealer here in Lucknow.

  4. I had purchased a JBL J33i earphone for Rs.2700 from snapdeal. now its not working . i had purchased that earphone on 10/05/2014 from snapdeal now i can’t claim its warranty bcoz its a online purchased product. i had raised a complain against this issue to snapdeal customer support. please help me how to get refund for this product from snapdeal. !!

    • See the issue is not with Snapdeal or any other online store this is really bad on the JBL that it is not honoring its commitment to give warranty. You can ask snapdeal for refund and they will most likely give it as they advertise on their site that the product has 1 year warranty. Keep following up with Snapdeal.

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