Why You Need Android N Now – It is Super Awesome

Google Android got released this week and made the Android Marshmallow even more brilliant. Google has released beta builds for the next major Android update, Android N, also before we know what they are going to call it. The rumor is they are going to call it Nutella.

Why I and probably you too are eagerly waiting for the new Google build – It will improve user experience and more importantly will give bragging rights in front of apple fanboys about new cool features which they don’t have yet.

Why You Need Android N Now -

A developer preview of the Android N 7.0 is released, while folks at Google are planning the May 18 Google I/O event. Google’s early release of Android N helps Google take feedback from developers, to make the final release much better. The latest version of Android lets the user have more controls and customization to the UI (something iOS lacks), and also some old school features come revitalized in Android N.

5 Super Awesome Features for Google Android N

1). Call & SMS Blocking

The most important feature that Android missed all these years was a built-in call/SMS blocker. We remember this feature was available ever since phones had keypads, but the more powerful Android lacked this little thing. Yes, there are some third-party Apps which does the job, but they just reject the calls after the caller hears ringtone – defeats the purpose.

Call Blocks

With Android N, once a number is blacklisted, it makes sure that number never reach you by any means. The blacklisted number is registered up to the core process and will work across Calls, SMS, and even your instant messaging apps. I am sometimes so annoyed with useless messages from shopping sites and others who once got my number and keep sending crap messages. Finally, this is going to be over.

The best part is this feature linked to your Google Account, so no need to add those numbers again if you are switching to another Android device.

2). Improved Settings UI

If all those settings tabs look intimidating, Google is going to simplify things for regular users. Device settings come with some features that make things easy; the main settings page is available a short description for each setup.


Example; in the settings main page, the amount of data consumed is shown below the data usage. Likewise, the settings page also indicates which WIFI network is in use below the WIFI main menu, and sound setting shows the ringer volume level.

You have easy access to information without going into submenus, saves some time. The same applies to the battery, display brightness, etc. so you don’t need to dive in deep.

3). Multi Window Support

Samsung had done this for years, Apple to copy it in El Capitan and now Google is getting it with the Android N – multi-window support. The feature will be available for both smartphones and tablets. The multi-window feature allows the ability to re-size each window as you do with home screen widgets, at present the multi-window feature is limited only to compatible apps.


It may be usable for 5.5-inch screen smartphones anything smaller is going to look more cluttered in my opinion. It is excellent for the Googles Pixel C tablet which was so far missing it Vs. The Apple and Samsung devices.

4). Variable Screen Resolution

Smartphone’s displays are getting good these days, though if you have poor eyesight or if you just want things to look a bit larger or smaller on your device, Google now has an answer for it.


The Android N comes with an option to change the screen dpi, which changes the display size, making it easy for those who struggle to read on a small screen.

This feature will also be more useful for developers who want to check their apps by simulating the desired DPI.

5). Night Mode

Another helpful feature to save restless eyes lies in the system UI tuner. The UI tuner includes a new Night mode, a filter and an option to turn on night mode based on location and time.


Turning on the night mode will make the core UI to switch to a darker theme from the standard white theme.

The settings also include a tint feature which acts as a blue light filter. You can use either the dark theme or tint or both of them at once. Something similar to what Google has done with the Google Play Books apps which makes the display easier on eyes.

7). Notification bar

This is a big change in the notification and the way how we interact with the notifications. The notification panel comes with more room for quick settings, with a toggle leading to the second set of icons, also new incoming texts can be replied right away from the notification area. Instant text reply without going to the App is an excellent and faster way to communicate.

Why You Need Android N Now

8). More Improved Doze – More Battery Life 

Google introduced the Doze mode with the Android marshmallow, which puts the mobile to deep sleep when the device is idle for some time. Android N, the feature is enabled as soon as the screen is turned off, and will work more efficiently with improved algorithms to improve the battery saving on Android devices.


9). Project Svelte

Google did project Volta for battery saving on Android Lollipop, and now another project is initiated named as project Svelte. Svelte is focused on reducing the Ram usage by Apps thereby providing an efficient background process management.

Project svelte optimizes the background running Apps which also have a positive effect on battery.

These are the sweet changes in the new Android N 7.0. But the final release may have some more features which are going to improve our experience even more.

Google is providing the developer preview initially for these devices, and if you have one of these then can try it by downloading the update.

  • Nexus 6
  • Google Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Goole Nexus 9
  •  Pixel C tablets
  • General Mobile 4G (Android one)

We also have some unconfirmed news that it may make it’s way to the 2013 Google Nexus 5 too. If you own any of the above devices, then you are lucky to taste the latest flavor of Android. But we may get some Bug Bites.

Download the Android N Developer Preview. 

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