Why You Should Buy A1 Rated Micro SD Cards – New System Introduced

Understanding A1 Rated Micro-sd Cards – Why to Buy it?

New System Introduced – SD association, which sets standards for SD cards, has introduced a new standard for SD cards to denote its app handling performance.

The announcement came after Google introduced a feature named “Adoptable storage” in Android Marshmallow 6.0.

With this Adoptable storage feature, User can merge the storage space in external SD cards with internal SD. But to do so the SD card should be compatible to work as adaptable storage. Currently, there’s no SD card rating system to find if its suitable for Adoptable Storage function.  You will need to test memory card after purchase to find out if it meets Adoptable Storage qualities.

Why You Should Buy A1 Rated Micro SD Cards

To overcome this issue, SD association introduced this new App Performance rating for SD cards,

The basic rating for App performance is denoted as “App performance Class 1” or A1

SD cards with A1 rating are qualified for Adoptable storage, and optimal App performance as well.

A1 Rated SD cards will meet or exceed the following specs :

  • 1500 IOPS ( Random read input-output access per second)
  • 500 IOPS for writing
  • Sustained sequential performance of 10MBps

This new “A1” rating will help users know if the SD card, is capable of better handling of Mobile Applications.

To answer the question why should buy the A1 rated SD cards?

  1.  They are faster in comparison to the normal rated SD Cards
  2. You can utilize the cards as internal memory.

The SD association also said that they will introduce next levels of App performance rating in future.

What is the need for such a separate rating?

Times are changing and we are past the old days when SD cards were primarily meant for storing MP3 and Videos. Now mobile devices are capable of handling any type of Files, thanks to those Millions of Android Apps.

On App stores you can find a variety of mobile Apps, that literally replicates the functionality of your PC software. You can do CAD or even play GTA on your smartphone, but there comes a problem with storage space. to use Apps, you have to choose between storage space or App performance.

To get a lag-free performance you have to leave an App in your internal storage, but after installing a few HD games and App caches start getting created rapidly, and your phone soon greets you with Memory full notification.

On the other hand, if you store Apps on your external SD cards, they don’t offer the same performance of inbuilt storage. And external SD cards are treated just as an option, as they are laggy for graphics intense Apps.

Furthermore, some Apps doesn’t allow you to move them to SD cards for the same reason.

Now after the introduction of Adoptable storage feature, the fragmentation between internal and external storage may be solved, but only if the card meets the benchmarks.

SD cards already have ratings named Classes which denotes the read-write speeds of files on to them. But we can’t be sure, whether these Cards can offer better performance for Apps,

Now with the new standard, it becomes easy for users to choose faster SD cards, if App usage is their primary need.

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