You Will be able to use WI-FI in Trains India Says Google

With the growing number of smartphone users in India, the internet has become an inevitable part of the fast life of commuting India. With people spanning distances to achieve their dreams and ambition traveling is no more an infrequent aspect of life. With the commuter travels his aspirations and his ambitions.

Gone are the days when people would wait for a halt to find the right manifesto for their skill, now like the devices, these too have become portable.

You Will be able to use WIFI in Trains India Says Google

What manifesto are we referring to?? Well, we know that’s not going to be an unanswered question for long. Every one of us is waiting for the day when our dreams, our aspirations and our lives are going to move with the velocity of our mode of travel.

Fortunate enough to be born in a country that is well connected by all means of transport, travel hustle is not as dreadful as earlier in India. Gone are the days of limited routes and means to travel to distant and remote places. From smartphones to smart cities, India is moving towards a smarter and a brighter future.

Personally speaking, I love those sons of the soil who don’t forget their roots and stay attached to their motherland in their contributing manner. With such perspicacious stalwarts making their mark on the global platform without forgetting the ground they rose up from, intellectual migration will no more be called “Brain Drain” but ‘Brain deposit.”

This respectable gentleman we’re talking about is none other than the latest CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. He’s an existing example that India has more to it that just being the land of ‘Snake charmers’.


On the last visit of PM Mr. Narendra Modi for the DIGITAL DINNER at the Silicon Valley, Pichai declared that soon 500 Indian railway stations would be Wi-Fi enabled with Google’s support.  With the financial capital of India expected to be initiation ground for this promising beginning for the nationwide venture, Mumbai Central would be the first station to have Google-powered Wi-Fi system.

The new venture has raised hopes not only among the geeks and gizmos but the common man with basic knowledge of the internet too. For the initial stages, about 500 stations of the Indian Railways will be equipped with Wi-Fi.

Going by the words of the officials, the services are planned to be rolled out by the mid of November this year. Plans are on for making the Wi-Fi available free of cost for the first 30 mins and then chargeable post that for users. Railtel will be the unit offering the supporting services.

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In his brief speech about enabling Wi-Fi Services for Indian Railways, Pichai restated his childhood memories about commuting via the railways. He also proudly stated that the distance covered by railways in India is twice the distance from Earth to the Moon.

Being the third largest railway network in the World, the Indian railway is also the largest public sector employer.

With the new Wi-Fi venture, IR is going to be a boastful topic to speak about for Indians not only within but across the borders too. Pichai also mentioned that the WiFi speed would be good enough to complement the streaming of HD videos.

With India going tech-hi and taking strides towards a new Horizon, we soon see it turning from a developing to a developed nation.

We see a ‘Sujalam Sufalam ‘ nation on the digital map too. Probably, we’ll soon be stating,”Achhe din aa gaye hai!!” at least for the Wifi addicts.

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