Windows 10 S – Top Features and Whats New

Microsoft at an event in US has unveiled a new version of the Windows yesterday. The event was held in New York and was meant for students and professionals looking for next generation of Microsoft devices and Windows OS.

Windows 10 S - Top Features and Whats New

The Windows 10 S is the latest version of the Windows which will compete with the Chrome OS.  It is more light weight and less resource intensive when compared to the Windows 10 Pro (full version).

Windows is promoting the new OS as more secure and faster compared to the other rival OS and even the Windows 10. Microsoft has restricted the App install from other sources making it more of a closed system.

You can’t even install Chrome or other browsers which are not listed on the Microsoft store.

Microsoft is promoting it’s own Edge browser with the Windows 10 S and claims it is more secure compared to the Google Chrome and Firefox. There is Windows defender security which keeps the malware and viruses at bay.

Windows 10 S - Top Features and Whats New

“Everything that runs on Windows 10 S is downloaded from the Windows Store,” says Microsoft’s Windows chief Terry Myerson.

All the Apps which are there on the Microsoft store can be installed. Microsoft is claiming a faster Boot time of 15 seconds for the Windows 10 S to enable students get to work much faster.

The restriction of third party Apps allows Windows to maintain the speed as some of the Apps take more resources at the start up slowing down the Windows laptops. Microsoft is turning the Windows OS more into the closed Mac OSX with this new Windows 10 S update.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Other Key highlight for the Windows 10 S Operating System is to set up machines using pre-configured settings using a USB drive.

Since the Windows 10 S is aimed at the US students market, schools can pre-configure all the settings on the USB stick and then Windows OS can be installed on all the machines bought by the school quickly.

Additionally, the buyers will get a free subscription of Office 365 for a year. There is als a free subscription of Minecraft : Education edition which will come with the Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S will come on many devices from partners like HP, Acer and others and the pricing for the Windows 10 S laptops will start @ $199 or Rs 13,000.

The Windows 10 S based devices will go head on against the already popular Chrome OS based Chromebooks which retail for almost the same price.

While MacBook Air and Surface laptops are meant for more premium users there is a huge market for Chrome OS based machines (approx. 20 million US users).

Microsoft is aiming to take on Google with the new Windows 10 S.  Users who find the Windows 10 S to be more restrictive and have good hardware can update to Windows 10 Pro to use all the Apps for a price of $49.

Microsoft has also launched the new Surface laptops which looks incredibly refreshing and more sturdy when compared to the older surface 4 Pro.

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