Windows 10 The Good The Bad The Ugly

Windows 10 got released on July 29, 2015, and till now has got installed on 50 Million devices. It is a mixed bag, with some good things, some bad and some ugly. If you have a genuine Windows 8 or 8.1 or Windows 7, you can get the free update to Windows 10.

The poor pirates and Gamers are getting the venom from Microsoft for using the counterfeit nongenuine windows, or even if you are playing pirated Games windows, ten can disable them.

Windows 10

It can also detect and disable some of the software which is nongenuine and is used on the latest Windows 10 platform. Try buying the Windows 10 in market’s like India, and you may have to shell out Rs. 15,000 – most of the low-income users buy a laptop in that range. Pricing is exorbitant for low-income countries like India. Satya if you wish to fight piracy make the software affordable for people.

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft designed to keep up with the latest shift in the device pattern to smartphones but also to have the backward compatibility with desktop/laptops from user experience perspective.

The operating system is available for desktops, smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Microsoft has been cautious to improve from the mistakes it has done in the past of useful obsoleting features for desktop/laptop users.

Further, the OS has received positive feedback from industry analyst of mixing the old elements with new concepts for better-enhanced user experience.

Windows 10 Features You Will Like – Windows 10 The Good The Bad The Ugly

Windows 10 is Free. With Microsoft going the Android way and enabling the users to utilize its services further via the Windows platform, the company has decided to make it available for no fees. So, the users still running their devices on Window 7, Window 8  and 8.1 can upgrade to Window 10 at no extra cost.

Start menu which went missing from Window 8 is reintroduced to pacify Windows fans. Start menu sports a modernized look. With safe apps feature users can download the apps from Microsoft store and can execute them in multiple small windows, hence achieving multitasking with Task View.

Action center feature has been added that provides a center-area from where the user can enable/disable Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS and other useful settings. User Settings display is now much cleaner and self-elaborative with very easy to understand design and styling.

Apps and user notifications are now synced across devices via action center which means that the user is not shown any dismissed notification again when she jumps from tablet to smartphone or to laptop or vice versa.

Improved UX regarding app usability and navigation experience. The design feels more relevant and consistent as compared to Window 8.

Integrated Xbox app. Windows 10 will come with Xbox app integrated with it out of the box. Windows 10 will support cross-platform multiplayer games between the pc and Xbox box and will also support the stream of the games from Xbox            Box to PC.

Cortana has just got smarter and powerful on Windows 10. Starting its journey from a smartphone, Cortana is now also embedded into the desktop version of the Operating system. Cortana is a digital personal assistant which competes with the likes of Google Now and Apple Siri. The user can talk or chat with Cortana.

Edge Browser. With Internet Explorer reaching the end of its life, Microsoft has been working on the newer and improved browser under the name ‘Project Spartan’ is now ready to make it available on Windows 10 machine. The new browser will go by the name ‘Edge.’

Continuum Mode: This is for hybrid convertible devices where-in Windows 10 provides a feature of a smooth transition from laptop to tablet mode and vice versa automatically depending on the availability of external keyboard.

Windows 10 Features You May Despise – Windows 10 The Good The Bad The Ugly

Windows 10 May can disable the pirated software/games running on it. The company in its service agreement carries a clause of taking appropriate action to prevent the illegal service access, counterfeit games and using unauthorized hardware devices

Automatic Update: Windows 10 has introduced a new feature of pushing the OS updates automatically and hence keeping the software current and updated to the latest releases with little or no user involvement. Though this feature is good for newbies but the experienced windows users are frustrated with the fact that they have little or no control on what will get pushed to their machines and feel their PCs are vulnerable of having a bug pushed into them. And if an update needs a system restart, then it will happen automatically at 3 a.m. local time by default or else at a preferred time as set by the user.

One Drive Synching: OneDrive concept that was introduced in the previous release is available in Windows 10 but with some restrictions like user may not be able to host their OneDrive folder on external storage via placeholder files and hence might not have direct access to the OneDrive content. Thus the users with limited storage might find it hard to use OneDrive. The touch version of OneDrive app is not available. OneDrive folders can be synchronized on the local storage.

Skype Integration is missing: Skype that was made a defacto communication software in Window8 is now made optional in Windows 10. The user can download Skype from the store. Microsoft has committed to releasing integrated messaging, phone and video apps with due course of time on Windows 10.

Touch Keypad only at Tablet mode. Could be termed as a side effect of continuum mode, but the fact is touch keypad will be available by default outside of tablet mode. With the external keyboard attached, if a User wants to use the touchpad, then it can be launched by hitting the keyboard button on the taskbar. In earlier Windows version screen touch used to bring up the touchpad even with the keyboard attached.

Notifications on Action Center: User can see the warnings on the Action Center, but cannot act on it without diving into the actual app from where the information has been generated. Microsoft is lagging behind Android and iOS which helps the user to work on information from the central place. The company has plans to do away with this limitation soon.


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