Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Vs OnePlus 5 – Dual Camera or Bezel Less Display?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and the OnePlus 5 are great phones to consider for a budget of 35K

OnePlus and Xiaomi have been successful in doing the groundwork for strengthening their presence in the Indian market. Not only did they release smartphones; also managed to grab everybody’s attention and create a fan following.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Vs OnePlus 5 Compared

Xiaomi focused on catering to the entry segment by offering smartphones with above average specs at affordable price.

Albeit, Oneplus had their eye set on the flagship category with a mid-range price tag. They too offered excellent value for money proposition for the buyers, and went on to become the “Most trusted phone brand in India.”

Let’s do an in-depth comparison of the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 and the Oneplus 5 to find out which one triumph.


The OnePlus 5 is priced at Rs. 32,999 for the 64 GB and 6 GB RAM version; the 8 GB RAM / 128 GB storage version comes with a price tag of Rs. 37,999.

On the other hand, the Mi Mix 2 has a price tag of Rs. 35,999, and comes with 6 GB of Ram along with 128 GB of internal storage.

The Mi Mix 2 is priced cleverly between both the OnePlus 5 models, making it cheaper compared to the higher variant of OnePlus 5. Also, there are Nokia 8 and LG G6 which are top-selling in the sub 40k price offering a compelling proposition.


OnePlus 5

OnePlus has slightly changed the design of the phone when compared to the OnePlus 3T. It shed only 0.1mm thickness and is almost identical to the last iteration.

The “horizon line” makes the phone look thin.

The overall design is a copy of Apple iPhone 7 Plus and is also very similar to the Oppo R11 Plus.

The back still rocks the dependable, smooth aluminum body; the front has seen a minimal change.

Oneplus 5 has thick top and bottom bezels that make it look so last gen compared to the futuristic Mi Mix 2.

OnePlus 5 Launched With Dual Rear Camera 8 GB RAM SD 835

The buttons placement and the headphone jack remain where they were in the last iteration.

Sadly, OnePlus was unable to deliver an 18:9 display ratio, unlike the Mi Mix 2.

As confirmed by the company, they have the resources of doing it in next flagship. (Oneplus 5T)

Mi Mix 2

While the bezel-less phones might’ve become a trend this year; it was Xiaomi who is given credit to have the first Bezel-less phone: Mi Mix.

The Mi Mix was a concept phone and hence was only released in China. This time they’ve decided to have a global launch with their second iteration.

The Mi Mix 2 looks almost similar to Mi Mix, with the ceramic back no bezels at the front side.

The selfie camera is placed in the bottom right corner, making the top part of display truely bezel-less.

Notably, Xiaomi has used a darker glass for the front camera lens to make it less visible.

There are few design changes, besides the Mi Mix 2 uses a standard earpiece in place of the “cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic earpiece” used in Mi Mix.

Also, the smartphone is smaller and comfortable to hold compared to the original Mi Mix that came with a 6.4 Inch Display.


OnePlus 5

Many OEMs have entered the bezel-less display race; OnePlus has stuck to its guns and has gone with the standard 16:9 display ratio. They’ve also retained the 5.5 inches Full HD Optic AMOLED display, also used in the OnePlus 3T.

However, this time the side bezels are almost absent, Oneplus 5 looks better than its predecessors.

Oneplus 5 8 GB RAM Smartphone

Unfortunately, there’s a jelly effect visible on screen when scrolling through pages or apps.

Accidentally, OnePlus has placed the display upside down causing the display to have this flaw.

Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi Mi Mix is a design innovation, paving the path for bezel-less phones like the iPhone X and the Google Pixel XL 2.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 image 2

Most of the OEMs have joined the bandwagon and are working on the 18:9 aspect ratio display devices.

Notably, the 6-inch FHD+ display (2160*1080 pixels) with 18:9 aspect ratio makes Mi Mix 2 look much more appealing than the OnePlus 5.

Processing power

Both the smartphones share similar specifications and come with the top of the line hardware.

The phones are driven by Qualcomm’s most powerful Snapdragon 835 SOC, paired with 6GB/8GB of RAM.

Xiaomi has the upper hand since it supports expandable storage which is missing on the Oneplus 5.

Performance is flawless for both the phones, you won’t notice any lag on this top tier hardware.


Optics have become most crucial part of the smartphone line up these days. The smartphone camera is the deciding factor for many buyers, especially in the premium segment.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus smartphones have always delivered the best performance compared to the expensive competitors. However, they fall behind in the optics department.

OnePlus 5 Launched With Dual Rear Camera 8 GB RAM SD 835

This time OnePlus has changed their focus and worked on the camera section.

The all-new OP5 now features dual 16MP + 20MP rear sensors; making it currently the highest megapixel camera on any smartphone.

The 16 MP, f/1.7 is the primary camera, offering stellar picture clarity with the help of EIS.

The stabilization also helps in capturing more detailed shots compared to its predecessors that came with f/2.0 aperture.

The second 20MP, f/2.4 telephoto lens helps in 2x, lossless optical zoom. Also, the user can further zoom in 10x with digit zoom if they want to click distant subjects.

It’s similar set-up found on the iPhone 7 Plus, although there’s one thing where iPhone might have the upper hand.

The primary camera in the 7 Plus sports OIS, which is sadly missing in OP5.

The OnePlus 5 has a 16 MP selfie camera which is similar to the OnePlus 3T.

To sum up, the camera clicks much better pictures than 3T and provides the best image quality compared to any Oneplus phone ever made.

Mi Mix 2

When Xiaomi released their Mi 6 this year with the dual camera set-up, I had a strong intuition that the new Mi Mix 2 will also sport a similar camera.

To my surprise, they went with the traditional  12 MP single sensor camera with 4-axis OIS.

The Mi Mix 2 comes with a humble 5 Megapixel front selfie camera, seems far behind compared to the 16 MP selfie camera on the Oneplus 5.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 image

Xiaomi isn’t marketing Mi Mix 2 as a camera-centric phone but as a device with an incredible display.


OnePlus 5

It comes with Android N v7.1.1 out of the box. Moreover, offers a smooth near stock experience with many useful features which are smartly hidden in the settings and doesn’t always bother the users.

Also, the rigorous attention to software updates and security patches keeps the OnePlus flagship in the league of high-end phones from Samsung and Google.

The OS is not too bland and not skin heavy, a perfect combination of features, simplicity, and optimizations, offering a delightful user experience.

Additionally, the OnePlus 5 will get the Android 8.0 Oreo update in next couple of months making the experience even better.

Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi is known for its MIUI skin, offering Geo-location based customizations.

Its nowhere near stock Android, but MIUI has a cult following. Many people like MIUI more than the stock Android experience.

MIUI is feature loaded and can take a while for users to become acquainted.

Xiaomi optimizes the MIUI for faster App opening and lag-free usage.

However, Xiaomi doesn’t have a flawless track record when it comes to pushing out updates or even security patches.

Hence, if one can settle for this sacrifice; the overall experience is enjoyable on the smartphone for every age group.

Honorable mentions – Battery Life and Other Features

The OP5 comes with 3300 mAh battery while the Mi Mix 2 offers slightly larger 3400 mAh battery.

Both the smartphones sport USB type-C port and can deliver fast charging speeds.

They feature Dual SIM capability along with all the necessary sensors.

Noticeably, Xiaomi and OnePlus both have increased their number of compatible cellular network bands that in return also helps them to be a global smartphone.


OnePlus 5 and MI Mix 2 both are super fast smartphones and are available for an aggressive price $600 (Rs 35,000) for their top variants.

The OnePlus 5 offers excellent near stock Android Experience, faster updates, better Dual camera and robust design.

Choice is tough – Pick the features which you want more On Your Nxt Phone

On the other hand, Mi Mix 2 stands out with a custom MiUi experience, a more catchy and head-turning design, incredible display to watch movies and videos.

I think both the phones have own merits and shortfalls, and you will have to pick one over the other based on what you want regarding camera, software experience or a bezel-free display.

My own priorities are mostly camera and a stock Android experience, so OnePlus is a better choice for me, though Mi Mix 2 is a phone which can definitely make your co-workers envious.

You can share your thoughts in the comments Below.

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