Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme has Overclocked Processor GPU and RAM

A unique variant of the Xiaomi Mi5 is on sale in China with some of the Hardware specs altered and as said by the seller it offers 10 to 15% higher performance compared to the stock Mi5.  Anything is possible in China and this took looks plausible.

Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme has Overclocked Processor GPU and RAM

PC Gamers are well used to the concept of overclocking and how the overclocked graphics cards offers extra performance. In current scenario most high end graphics cards are factory overclocked by the manufacturers. For smartphones this is relatively new.

A Chinese online retailer is selling the Extreme Edition of the Xiaomi Mi5.  The Chinese retailer known as GOME has listed the Xiaomi Mi5 and has priced it at 1999 Yuan or Rs. 20,400 ($295).  The smartphone has the following upgrades Vs the Stock Xioami Mi5.

  • Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme CPU overclocked to 2.15 GHz from 1.8 GHz on the stock version.
  • Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme GPU overclocked to 625 MHz from 510 MHz on the stock version.
  • Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme RAM overclocked to 1866 MHz from 1333 MHz on the stock version.

This does not feel unusual lot of end users easily do overclocking on smartphones after unlocking the boot-loader and rooting the smartphone. The smartphone comes with the same design and all other parts also remain the same.

Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme has Overclocked Processor GPU and RAM

Though we can expect a little more heating on these overclocked devices and battery drain may also be higher. The battery capacity mentioned is 3000 mAH as is in the original Mi5, however it is not specified if they have tinkered with the cooling solution to reduce heating on this device.

While there are rumors that Xiaomi is working on a new Xiaomi Mi5 variant called as the Xiaomi Mi5s and also a more powerful large display Xiaomi Mi Note 2 which are expected to launch in last quarter.

The new Xiaomi Mi5 expected variant is alleged to come with 6 GB of Ram and the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will feature a 5.7 inch Quad HD Curved display and will be powered by next gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor along with 6 GB of RAM.

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