Xiaomi Mi5 is Incredibly Lite Weight and Thin Smartphone (Launched Today)

Xiaomi Mi5 is Incredibly Lite Weight and Thin Smartphone

Xiaomi has launched the most anticipated smartphone of 2016 the Xiaomi Mi5 in India today. The Xiaomi Mi5 brings lots of refinements to the device and is a very significant improvement in comparison to the Xiaomi Mi4 launched in August 2014.

Xiaomi Mi5 is Incredibly Lite Weight and Thin Smartphone

Update 31 March 2016

Xiaomi has launched the base variant of Xiaomi Mi5 in India today at an event, in New Delhi. The event was not streamed live either on the Mi India website or Youtube but was available on periscope which usually doesn’t offer good viewing experience.

The phone costs Rs. 24,999 and will be available from the Mi.com starting 6th of April 2016.

Notably, Xiaomi has launched just the base variant in white color in India which comes with 32 GB of Storage and 3 GB of Ram.

The Mi Fans were not happy with the lack of availability of the Pro model as well the price is a little higher than expected 20 to 22K.

Xiaomi Mi5 is Incredibly Lite Weight and Thin Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5 – Top Features and Specs

For starters, the Xiaomi Mi5 comes with a thin frame measuring 7.25 mm and weighs just 129 grams.

It is an extraordinary work by Xiaomi to fit in a large capacity battery in this thin frame and still maintain a meager weight.

The other primary reason for the smartphone to be so popular among Indian and other countries is the affordable price; it costs almost 50% in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Also, the company has unveiled the Xiaomi Mi 4s.

Mi5 launched for 25K in India – Should You Buy it

The base variant of the Xiaomi Mi5 comes with 32 GB of Storage and 3 GB of Ram now priced at 25K in India. The smartphone was priced at 1999 Yuan in China or equivalent to 21,500 in the Indian currency.

It is priced slightly higher compared to the expected price of 20-22K which probably would have made it a great deal for the buyers who have been waiting for very long time to buy the smartphone.

There are a Huge number of Mi Fans who took it out on Xiaomi for launching the device for a higher price compared to China and also not launching the 64 GB variant as well as the 128 GB Pro variant.

Mi5 launched for 25K in India – Should You Buy it

It was expected that Xiaomi would launch the 32 GB base variant at 22k, 64 GB variant for 25K and the pro version for 30K.

The smartphone will only be available in white color only the gold and silver colors are yet not available in India, maybe Xiaomi will offer them in future.

Difference Between the Mi5 Pro 128 GB And Base 32 GB Version

Apart from having the extra space the 128 GB version comes with 4 GB of Ram instead of the 32 GB found on the Xiaomi Mi5.  The 1 GB Ram difference makes a lot of difference at least theoretically, and feeling of having  Android flagship may not sink in for tech enthusiasts.


While for others it is not a big deal. A lot of users would have loved to pay a little extra to get their hands on the 128 GB, 4 GB RAM version Mi5 Pro.  Since when you invest in a flagship device, you may like to use it for 2-3 years.

The other major difference is that the smartphone runs on the under-clocked Snapdragon 820. The Core clock on the Mi5 base variant is 1.8 GHz while on the Mi5 Pro it is 2.15 GHz which gives the pro variant a little edge over the base version.

Should You Buy the Mi5 32 GB Variant @ 25K

In practical day to day usage and even playing games you will not feel much difference between the Mi5 base as well as the Pro variant.  But if you will run benchmarks and do speed tests, you would see the difference in performance.

Xiaomi has been a bit off track with it’s pricing strategy, the launched the Redmi Note 3 – 32GB /3 GB Ram variant at a very affordable 12K price and are still struggling to provide units to sell.


On 30 March sale, there were no units available. They will bring it on 6 April sale. Now the pricing for the Mi5 is a bit higher, though not too much considering it offers a lot to buyers and an added advantage of having a great phone so early compared to the competition.

While LG G5, HTC M10, Sony X Performance and OnePlus 3 are still far away from reaching the markets. That little premium is justified if we see from getting the superfast Mi5 so early. The only smartphone faster than this is again the Exynos 8890 powered Samsung S7. ( Snapdragon 820 only for the US).

So there is nothing wrong with buying the Mi5 on 6th April Sale if you wish to get your hands on the device as early as possible. But if you want to wait than we may also have other Mi5 variants getting launched in India in future or if you can spend more the Samsung S7 may also get a price cut in 1-2 months.

Some of the major Pros for the Xiaomi Mi5, in this price range I think it is a very compelling purchase even if you consider the Google Nexus 5X ( which has a slower processor and 2 GB Ram), and One Plus 2 (slower processor and very bulky to carry) in comparison to Xiaomi Mi5.

Obviously, there are Pros of buying both the Google Nexus 5X or the OnePlus 2, but there are some strong advantages of Mi5 Pro too.   

5 Major Pros of Xiaomi Mi5

  1. Great Processor.
  2. Good Camera both Rear and front.
  3. Good Design and Build Quality.
  4. Lite Weight and Thin Easy to Use.
  5. USB Type C and Finger Print Scanner.

Let’s Check out the Key Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi5 Indian version.

Key Specs for the Xiaomi Mi5

  • Display – 5.15 inch Full HD Display (1920*1080), 424 PPI.
  • Screen Protection – Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4.
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor clocked at 1.8 GHz.
  • GPU – Adreno 530 GPU
  • Ram – 3 GB RAM
  • Internal Storage – 32 GB.
  • Expandable – No.
  • Camera – 16 MP Rear camera with OIS and 4 MP 2-micron pixel Front selfie Cam.
  • OS – Android Marshmallow 6.0 with MIUI.
  • Weight – 129 grams
  • Thickness – 7.4 mm.
  • Fingerprint Scanner – Yes.
  • USB TYPE C Support – Yes
  • Connectivity – 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, WIFI
  • Battery Capacity – 3000 mAH
  • Price Rs. 25000

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