Xiaomi Mi5s and Mi Note 2 Leaks Upcoming Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi is on launch spree and is not willing to give any chances to competition to step on it’s territory. The fresh rumors suggest that new device are on cards for the Mi Note Series aka Mi Note 2.

Xiaomi Mi5s and Mi Note 2 Leaks Upcoming Xiaomi Phones

Also Xiaomi is planning to launch a revamped version of Xiaomi Mi 5 likely to be called as Xiaomi Mi 5s.

Mi Note 2

The Xiaomi Note series has always been focused towards users who want to have a larger smartphone and this year also they are likely to go with 5.7 inch screen size similar to the Samsung Note 5 or the upcoming Samsung Note 7.

Xiaomi recently launched a large size phablet with 6.44 inch display which they are also planning to launch in India by the end of June 2016.The rumored 5.7 inch Xiaomi Note series is going to be names as Xiaomi Note 2 and there will be 3 vairants which will be launched by Xiaomi.

  1.  Standard variant
  2.  Premium variant
  3.  Supreme variant

These are yet not the official names announced by Xaiomi and may get changed in future.The standard variant is rumored to sport a HiFi audio chip and single rear camera. It will also have standard quick charging.

Reports also suggest it will be a 5.7 inch Full HD display smartphone and will come with 4 GB of RAM.

The premium variant sports the same HiFi audio chip but boosts up the other components with Dual rear camera support and 5.7 FHD display with 6 GB of RAM along with “super quick charging capabilities”.

5.7 Inch Quad HD Display : Supreme Variant

The supreme variant is a beast as it has similar components to the premium variant but flaunts curved edge displays along with High end HiFi audio chip; eventually making it a compelling offer.

All the three devices are going to get the Android Marshmallow OS and will also have the Xiaomi Miui 8.0 custom ROM to offer better user experience. All three smartphones are said to sport a fingerprint scanner and have support for 4G LTE as well.

It is yet not clear what exact processor and camera modules will be used by Xiaomi in the Note series.

Xiaomi Mi5S

A new variant of the Xiaomi Mi5 is being rumored and Xiaomi fans are excited at the prospect of having a improved Xiaomi Mi5. As per the latest leaks the Xiaomi Mi 5S is expected to come with a Dual camera setup and some of the leaked images are already circulating in the tech vines which confirm the early rumors.

Xiaomi Mi5s Dual Camera leaks

The Dual Camera lens setup was expected to be using the Samsung made lens which the Korean giant will start supplying to Xiaomi in July 2016.

As per latest reports, the phone will flaunt the same sized display (5.15 inch) like the Xiaomi Mi5. Although the change in the quality of display will excite the fans. It is said to sport pressure sensitive display but the resolution might remain Full HD.

It will also include ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm. It will be the first phone to sport ultrasonic reader which will enhance the fingerprint module.

It’ll join the league with Letv Max 2 , OnePlus 3 with the inclusion of 6 GB of RAM.

One of the major shortcoming of the Xiaomi Mi5 is the camera when compared to some of the flagship phones in 2016 the upcoming device is rumored to correct that with a Dual Camera setup at the back imitating  LG G5 or the Huawei P10.

These are all rumors and have to take them with a pinch of salt till more clear details emerge. But definitely with One Plus , Lenovo and LeEco having 6 GB RAM smartphones will assert Xiaomi to have some models with the highest possible configuration.


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