Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China – SD 835 6 GB RAM

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China - SD 835 6 GB RAM

Xiaomi at an event in China has launched the new Xiaomi Flagship smartphone for 2017. The key highlight of the smartphone is Qulacomm’s latest 10 Nm processor – Snapdragon 835 which comes with all new Kryo 280 micro-architechture with top clock speed of 2.45 GHz.

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China - SD 835 6 GB RAM

Performance Xiaomi Mi 6

The processor promises more than 10% boost in the performance compared to the SD 821 and the new Adreno 540 GPU also offers 25% faster render speed compared to the previous gen processors.

Antutu Score Xiaomi Mi6

The Xiaomi Mi6 scored an impressive 184292 score on the Antutu benchmark which faster when compared to the Samsung S8 score of 164095 and even the Huawei P10 which is powered by the Kirin 960 processor.

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China - SD 835 6 GB RAM Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China - SD 835 6 GB RAM

Design Glass and Metal Symmetrical Design

The Xiaomi Mi6 comes with a stunning glass and metal design which is more like the Samsung S7 in apperance. Xiaomi has not gone the Samsung S8 way to make the device bezel less or followed the design philosphy of the Mi Mix which was the first device to get rid of upper and bottom bezels.

Xiaomi Mi6

The design looks impressive with a front fingerprint scanner and Dual rear camera at the back side.

The Xiaomi Mi6 has the same screen size like the Xiaomi Mi5 they have not increased the screen size on the Mi6. It comes with a 5.15 inch gorgeous display. Xiaomi says that the new smartphone has perfect symmetriacal design and comes with 4 sided 3D curved glass which makes the design more refined and exquisite.

Xiaomi says the Display on the Xiaomi Mi6 comes with ultra dark night display which can lower the brightness to 1 nit and the maximum brightness of the display panel is 600 nits which is great for sunlight ligibility.

Mi6 Display

The missing feature  – No 3.5 mm Jack

Xiaomi has got rid of the 3.5 mm jack on the Mi6 and used a USB Type C port instead like LeEco has done with their android phones. A move which closely follow the industry leader Apple which has also ditched the tradional 3.5 mm jack on the iPhone 7.

The Fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi6 is placed under the glass and it is likely a similar implementation we have seen last year from Xiaomi in the Mi5s.

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China  Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China - SD 835 6 GB RAM

It is not Waterproof but Splash resistant

The Xiaomi Mi6 is also splash resistant but it doesnot mean the smartphone is water tight like the Samsung S8.

mi 6 Splash proof

New Silver Edition Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China  – Xiomi has also launched a new special silver variant of the Xiaomi Mi6 which comes with a very premium silver finish.

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Launched in China Xioami mi6 Silver

Battery Capacity

Xiaomi boasts that they have been able to fit a much larger size battery inside the Xiaomi Mi6 when compared to rivals. The Xiaomi Mi6 comes with 3350 mAH capacity battery inside a 5.15 inch frame.

mi6 Battery

Stereo Speakers

The Xiaomi Mi6 comes with Dual stereo Speakers again something which was the highlight of the Apple iPhone 7 this year. The new Xiaomi Mi6 offers improved sound output from the speakers with stereo sound effects.

Dual Speakers Mi6

Coming to another Key Highlight of the smartphone – Dual Camera Setup 

The Xiaomi Mi6 comes with 12 Mega Pixel rear camera setup with 4 Axis Optical image stabalization. There is one telephoto lens which provides ability to Zoom 2X on the subject and there is another 12 Mega pixel wide angle lens.

The implementation of the Dual camera setup is very similar to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus which also uses a telephoto lens and a Zoom lens to create the Bokeh effect in the background. Can read More on the different type of Dual camera setup in the smartphones here.

Dual camera on Xiaomi Mi6

Image shot on the Xiaomi Mi6 shows a nice bokeh effect compared to the image shot on a normal smartphone. DSLR photography is finding some competition with the new Dual lens camera smartphones.

Image shot on Xiaomi Mi6

The Dual rear camera comes with natural color correction and the rear camera also comes with beautify 3.0 software enhancement which can be used to tweak the images as per liking.

Ultra Luxurious Xiaomi Mi6 Ceramic Edition with Gold Plated Camera Rings

Xiaomi has also launched an even more premium Ceramic Edition of the Xiaomi Mi6 which comes with stunning black color.  The camera rings are made from 18K karrot gold – that’s what we called purely luxorious.

Mi 6 Ceramic Edition Mi 6 Ceramic Edition

Lastly, the most important thing how much does the new Xiaomi Mi6 Costs

The Xiaomi Mi 6 Ceramic Edition is priced at RMB 2999 or Rs 28120 the other Xiaomi Mi6 price start at 2499 RMB which translates to Rs. 23,440.


Xiaomi Mi6 Price of All Variants India and China

Xiaomi Mi6 Price   Mi 6 Variants Price  RMB Price China India Price Rs
Mi6 6 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage 2499 23441
Mi6 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage 2899 27193
Mi6 Ceramic 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage 2999 28131

The Xiaomi Mi6 looks promising with affordable price and top of the line specs, the design is not ground breaking for the Mi 6. But it comes with all the basic features you would be looking from a flagship device.

It is not compared to a Samsung S8 not in terms of design or display but we it is also to be considered that the Mi6 costs almost half of S8. There are lot of positive upgrades in the Xiaomi Mi6 if we compare it to the Xiaomi Mi5 in terms of performance, battery capacity, camera and design.

The Mi6 is a typical Xiaomi smartphone with great value at a great price.

Xiaomi Mi6 competes with the OnePlus 5 and the Nokia 8 which also come with a Dual camera setup.


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