Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 To Have Improved Dual Rear Camera

A Xiaomi smartphone alleged to be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 have been spotted online with a dual camera set up and brushed metal finish.

Two images rumored to be Redmi Note 4 were  leaked now of which one reveals a close view of smartphone’s back and the other one was a model posing with the smartphone. These images were actual shots and not renders. So it’s confirmed that the leaks are real.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 To Have Improved Dual Rear Camera

The image shows a shiny silver colored Metal build body with a dual camera set-up, the camera lens were placed in the center with one below the other, and the LED flash sits in between them.

This is a unique camera and flash placement not seen before on any other smartphone.

The smartphone appears to be little thick, so it may carry a large battery. The brushed metal finish gives premium looks to the smartphone. But the disappointing thing with the design is the protruding antenna strips on top and the bottom. Furthermore the absence of speaker grills at the rear indicates the speakers will be at the bottom of the device.

There are two color variants at least which will be available for the Redmi Note 4 – Dark grey and white.

There is no finger print scanner at the rear, so the device may come with a fingerprint scanner embedded physical home button at the front. But it’s not clear since the device’s front shots were not available at this time.

Apart from the smartphone’s images, there are no leaks about its specifications.

Likely to be Powered By Snapdragon 652 Processor

But rumors suggest the smartphone may come with 3 GB / 4 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 652, which is the latest preference for phone makers for near high end devices.

The use of dual camera setup will make Xiaomi to progress over its competitors and have much improved camera compared to the current Redmi Note 3. There is even a speculation that some of the existing smartphone series of Xiaomi may come with dual camera set up. If that was true. We may get a smartphone with dual camera set up at an affordable cost.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 To Have Improved Dual Rear Camera

Recently the company’s CEO had revealed that Xiaomi has sold over 110 million units of Redmi smartphones, and the company’s Redmi note 3 had won an award for being cheap and best from the GSM association Mobile awards, it’s also worth mentioning that its predecessor Redmi Note 2 also received the same award for the year 2015. Xiaomi has most likely sold more than 1 million Redmi Note 3 smartphones in India as per our estimate since it’s inception.

Xiaomi is also planning to venture into retail sales and move away from the pure online sales model in India as was confirmed by the Xiaomi India CEO, Manu Jain. Xiaomi has partnered with 2 new vendors to supply the smartphones directly to the retailers pan India and we can soon expect the Xiaomi smartphones to be available in a store near you.

Xiaomi may try to grab the award for another time and we can expect the Redmi 4’s price as cheap as the Redmi 3 and Redmi 2 smartphones.

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