Xolo One HD Review

Updated 26- Jan – 2016 – Xolo One HD went on sale on 10 January 2016 on Amazon India and is currently priced at Rs. 4777 or $80. The smartphone is an entry level device from one of the largest smartphone manufacturers Lava international.

The smartphone went on sale on Monday 10th Jan 2016 at 2:00 pm and quickly went out of stock in 15-20 minutes. It is available in grey and white color.  It is one of the few smartphone which comes with a front facing 5 MP camera with a flash and also cost way less.

Thanks to fast one day delivery from Amazon we got the smartphone yesterday afternoon and tested for 5 hours to see what it has to offer.

Unboxing Design and Build Quality

The smartphone comes in a white box as shown in the picture below , on side are the specs mentioned in detail while other side has a Xolo One HD imprinted.

Un-boxing images

Xolo One HD Unboxing

Xolo One HD Review


Inside the Box You Get:

  1. Xolo One HD
  2. Removable Battery
  3. Screen Guard
  4. Earphones
  5. USB Cable & Charger.
  6. Xolo Manual and Warranty Information.

Pretty much everything apart from a back cover which you may need to purchase.

When you open the box you will be delighted to see the smartphone nicely tugged in a cover case and there is a temporary screen guard on the device.

Xolo One HD looks decent for the price tag was my first impression for the device. It does not look cheap either from the front side or from rear, nor will you be able to make out that it is a sub 5K smartphone you are holding.

Xolo One HD Close Shot

Xolo One HD don’t feel like a bulky device nor it belong to the thin category. It is quite easy to hold and feel natural in hand.

The smartphone don’t have thin bezels as probably shown in lot of promotional pictures on Amazon India or by Xolo. There is thick with 2-3 mm space like most smartphones, sorry to break the truth but the images are photo-shopped to make the looks much better from the front.

Full In-depth Video Review for Xolo One HD

Display and Resolution

The display is 5.0 inch and comes with a HD resolution with 1280*720 pixels resolution and 293 PPI. I was able to observe that the display have pixels, it don’t look pixelated but you can differentiate when you keep at the side of a Full HD display smartphone.


Moreover I am used to Full HD display resolution on smartphone so my eye is more attuned to observe minute change in the resolution.

Display looks over saturated and is quite bright with color gamut a bit far from the real colors. Though it is not poor to look at or read text and watch any pictures or images on the screen.

We compared the color reproduction of the smartphone with the Google Nexus 5 and a Macbook Pro retina display. Overall the screen has satisfactory properties.

Reading Experience and Apps

The display is good for reading and text looks clear on the 5.0 inch screen.  Reading in the black and white was good experience, screen has good amount of brightness and there is an adaptive lighting mode in display settings which can be used to reduce the strain on eyes and even will help reduce the battery drain.

Processor and Ram – Performance

Smartphone don’t lag in our brief usage, we opened up lots of Apps and then closed them but did not felt the lag on the device. Surfing the net using WIFI was smooth experience, no issues or lag felt while using Chrome browser and checking out websites.

We watched a 20 minutes Youtube Video on WIFI at a 480P resolution streaming there was again no lag found on the device. Good thing was there was no heating while watching the video at least on the WIFI.

You will definitely like the display while watching videos on you tube and stored HD movies.

Sound Quality – Speaker and Calls

Sound quality is good, and speaker volume is also decent. Audio is loud and clear and you can easily use the speaker to listen to call audio as well as songs with no difficulty.


Benchmark Performance

We ran the  Antutu Benchmark V.6.0  on the XOLO One HD and the score looks good for the device. The Antutu Score for Xolo One HD is 24069. I tested my Google Nexus 5 which scores 37000 on the Antutu. It is a good performance as far as Antutu is concerned.

Antutu-Benchmark-XOLO-ONE-HD Antutu-Benchmark-XOLO-ONE-HD-image

Gaming Performance

Will be shared in detail in the updated article.  However we played Candy crush it is a light game and runs on most basic mobiles for some time and there was no issues. We also tried the subway surfer and it also worked fine without any lag. We also played the Modern Combat 5 and the Asphalt 8 on Xolo HD and it offers good performance on the HD screen.

Gaming on the 5 inch screen feels god and the sound from the speaker is decent to enjoy the games.

Rear Camera Quality – Sample Pictures Outdoor (XOLO One HD Review) 

Rear camera has decent performance, and is able to take pictures with clarity. There is noise definitely in the low light indoor conditions but bearable image quality.  Here are couple of samples of Outdoor images which we took. The rear camera comes with 8 MP (1.4 µm and 5P lens) primary camera with auto focus. The autofocus is fast and responsive.


Images were taken in the morning light and seem to be decent for the outdoor shoots. The 8 Mega pixel camera is not the best we have seen but neither is bad when compared to other smartphones. Image size is usually close to 3 MB are are shot in high resolution.

Xolo-One-HD-Primary-Camera-Shot Xolo-One-HD-Main-Camera-Shot-2 Xolo-One-HD-Main-Camera-Shot

Front Selfie Camera Quality – Xolo One HD Review

The front selfie camera stands out compared to all other features of this smartphone. I loved the soft flash which don’t fill the image with too much of harsh light and makes them look natural.

Xolo One HD Front Camera Selfie Shots

Xolo-One-HD-Selfie-Camera-Shot Selfie-shot-Xolo-One-HD

Check out the close shot of the Volkswagen it is really clear and while taking close shots even in indoor settings camera performed upto my expectation. The front camera comes with a5 MP (1.4 µm and 4P lens) with flash.

The front 5 Megapixel camera is much better compared to lot of smartphones I have seen with 5 MP shooters. I think they could have named it Xolo One HD Selfie smartphone.

If you are selfie lover and don’t want to spend too much on the smartphone, this a selfie smartphone under 5K which you need to buy right now.


The smartphone comes with 3G connectivity which we found to be working as normally as in any other smartphone. Wifi and 2G also was okay without any glitches on my Xolo One HD.

The smartphone lacks the 4G LTE support and also does not support the USB OTG function. The smartphone has dual sim support.

Storage Space Operating System Pre-installed APPS

The smartphone comes with 8 GB of internal storage which can be further expanded to 32 GB using a micro-sd card.  There are lots of pre-installed Apps which come with the XOlO One HD

  1. Quikr , Saavn
  2. NBT, Paytm ,Mcafee Security
  3. Hotstar,  Hike , Xolo Care

Around 3 GB space is already occupied by the Android Lollipop OS and the pre-installed Apps while user have around 4.98 GB storage available for installing Apps and storing media files.

Battery Life – How long it lasts

The battery drain was rapid when we started the smartphone, and after the first charge we saw an improvement to battery life. We expect 2-3 more full charge and discharge cycles for the battery to give complete picture of battery life on device.

As per the current experience will call it just passable as the device was able to run for 4 hours with us doing lots of testing and benchmarking, playing video games and what not on the device.

We can expect it to last till late evening with moderate usage and location settings turned off. More on battery life in couple of days.

Verdict – Xolo One HD Review

As per the testing and experience done so far here are the things I liked about the smartphone and the things which could have been better.

The build quality is good and the smartphone don’t feel cheap in hand the metallic edge around the frame makes the looks even better. It is easy to use and handle and have reasonable weight.

The Bezels are not thin as I stated above, Xolo or Amazon should not show images which are actually not 100% true. However there is nothing wrong with the design and display for the device.

Performance is okay and what I expect from a smartphone in this price range. Display is good however I fount the color saturation is there on the screen and looks more like an AMOLED display than a washed out IPS LCD display.

Camera is decent, the rear camera can click good images in day light and indoors also. The front camera is something I really liked in the smartphone with the light tone flash. You can check the above images and make it out yourself about the camera quality.

For the affordable price of Rs. 4777, Xolo One HD packs a lot of punch and is really good purchase if you are looking for a 5.0 inch screen smartphone with a good front camera for clicking selfies.

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  1. what if i surf net,use camera,play music,calling …..battery last fo how much time…..or suggest me phone with best camera under 5000

  2. This mobile good/bad? And camera quality? This mobile is android one? And Android Marshmallow Upgradeble? Please Reply me. Please.

  3. I saw a gaming review of xolo one HD and I see that it cannot handle nova 3.can u do a nova 3 and mc5 test on xolo one HD and give me opinion.please….

  4. sir can you suggest which is best in buying swipe elite 2 vs phicomm 653 in overall performance and gaming also and my budget is 5000

  5. I got the mobile XOLO one HD. There is a issue with camera, inbuilt Camera app resolution is very bad. If you install other camera app, that is giving better resolutions than the original camera.
    as you said rest of the thing are fine.

  6. bro i want to buy xolo one hd.now i am little confused earlier i used xolo erd hd for one month i found lot of problem like touch is veryhard not smooth, network problem specially airtel will not work while roaming standby sim is single.but good camera quality both front and back very stylish perfomance and battery backup is good… bro tell me the truth XOLO ONE HD also have this problem???

  7. sir please quickly give the gaming review of solo one HD on high end games.I also want to buy it but I am waiting for its gaming review….

  8. i got xolo one hd …was very happy with everything except it failed to provide basic requirement..signal strength..did anyone else facing this issue? signal drops very badly…i checked my sim with another phone ..the signal strength is fine..i tried to call my number from my office itself..but i was not getting incoming call..after trying 2 or 3 times then only call is connecting..i like this phone..i have still time to give it back..can anyone suggest what to do?

  9. hi,
    i heard lot of negative things about camera so can u give me brief description about camera quality?? and i found one video in YouTube that photos are not up to the mark they are blurry, i already ordered the white one so i am very confused about camera so can u share me your camera experience as soon as possible. thank you.

    • Front camera is decent and you check the images we took using the rear camera too outdoor photos in day light are good, close shots are less detailed but good according to price, nothing much to worry about…

  10. superb bro you are the first person or first website where I found xolo one HD review I search review from 2-3 ago but not found in google thank you for your review give review on high end game like asphalt8 MC5 and on camera and battery backup review.

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