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You Can Now View 1080P Videos On Mobile But… There is Catch

16-July-2020 – Youtube restricted the Video Quality on mobile devices to 480P back on 29th March 2020 but now the company has finally removed the restriction. However, there is a catch. In case you are using 4G data, you will still be able to stream on 480P at the max.

On the other hand, if you are using a WIFI network you can stream on 1080P.

This was long overdue and Youtubers and viewers have been requesting the company to remove the limit. With this update, Youtube has removed the restriction but partially.

You can just refresh the App and you’ll be able to watch 1080p videos with even updating it.

YouTube Restricts – Video Quality on Mobile Devices to 480P

29-March-2020 – Considering the lockdown due to the Coronavirus and to reduce the load on mobile networks; Youtube has restricted the video quality to 480P for mobile devices.


Earlier, it was thought that the restriction is made for only mobile networks (like Vodafone, Jio, etc). But we recently tested on mobile devices using WIFI and the restriction is applicable for WIFI networks as well.

So on mobile devices, you can only stream Youtube content at 480P or lower resolution. There are no options to change the Quality to 720P or 1080P. Also, some of the users have reported on Twitter/Reddit that the restrictions are even applicable for the YouTube premium subscribers.

Additionally, the restriction is for both Android mobiles as well as iPhones.

On the other hand, if you are using desktop/laptop/Mac or TV you can still stream on Full HD or 4K resolution.

The Stream Quality restriction seems to be rolling out in a phased manner in different geographies. Moreover, some of the telecom companies like Airtel have also tweeted and asked for a reduction in the stream quality from Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime to reduce the load on the network.

Amid massive lockdown due to the Coronavirus, there is a rise in video streaming as most of the people sitting at home are using mobiles to pass time.

This excessive usage causes bottlenecks for mobile networks and at times can lead to network congestion. It is a bit strange that YouTube has also restricted the quality of WIFI when using mobile but has not applied any restriction when using large screen devices on the WIFI network.

The company has not shared until when they will have the restriction in place but a good guess will be at least till we have the lockdown. So once the people resume work and there is less load on the mobile networks these restrictions will be lifted by the company.

Youtube Restricts Ads on CoronaVirus Videos

11-March-2020 – YouTube has previously demonetized all the videos that were made on the topic related to the Coronavirus but now the company is looking at helping creators earn money from the videos made on the topic.

The company has allowed ads on specific videos from some of the large creators but will not allow ads for everyone. Further, this is primarily done to ensure that the videos using conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation is not created by people. On the other hand, the large creators working hard on videos about the virus are getting an opportunity to earn money from there work.

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