Zotac Nvidia GT 710 Launched in India Price Below 4K

Zotac has launched the new starting range Nvidia GT 710 graphics card.  The new graphics card is  an absolute beginner level GPU which will offer good gaming performance for Gaming Rigs on a tight budget.

Zotac Nvidia GT 710 Launched in India Price Below 4K

If you are building a PC and want something extra for playing casual games or games which are not very demanding, then the new GT 710 can be an ideal choice for a low budget.

The graphics card can be bought below Rs. 4,000.  The graphics card with 2 GB variant is available on Flipkart priced close to Rs. 3,800.

It is best suited for gaming rigs with a low configuration in a budget of 20K to 25K.

The Zotac GT 710 replaces the GT 610 which has been around for years.

Zotac Nvidia GT 710 Launched in India Price Below 4K

There are now 3 versions of the Zotac GT 710 available, the  GeForce® GT 710 1GB PCIE x 1 (model No. – ZT-71304-20L) don’t even require a power connector, it works with the power drawn from the PCI-E connector itself.

It is ideal for those looking for a basic graphics card, with a motherboard which has a PCI-e slot for connecting it. You don’t require a bigger PSU to connect and run the graphics card.

A 300 Watts PSU is sufficient to run this graphics card and all your setup.

The Graphics card comes with 1 GB of GDDR3 VRAM and there is also a GT 710 available with 2 GB GDDR3. If you are gaming below HD resolution, you can go with the 1 GB GDDR3 version and you won’t notice any difference in performance.

The power consumption on this card is just 25 watts and it also support the DirectX 12 API.

The Nvidia GT 710 comes with 192 Cuda cores and with 64 bit of Memory Bus. The core clock on the graphics card is 954 MHz and the memory is clocked at 1600 Mhz.

The graphics card support the open GL 4.5 and the cooling on the card is passive (there is no fan).

It is compatible to run on the Windows 7/8/8.1/10.


  1. Hey Bro….As I am A Zotac Gt 610 2gb Vram…user …I think I will upgrade my gpu to this…WHO MUCH FPS BOAST I WILL GET IN MOST OF GAMES….


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