5 Best Laptop Under Rs 15000 India

There are very few options for Windows based laptops in this range, however the Chrome books serves great purpose if you are looking for a cheap laptop. The challenge with windows laptop in this range are they are simply under powered and don’t give great user experience which you can certainly get from the Chromebook.

With the new Chromebooks launched by the Indonesian Company Nexian and Indian Mobile manufacturer Xolo Under Rs. 15,000 should you get a chrome book or a Laptop like Micromax Laptab priced below Rs. 15k.  Lets check all three devices in detail and figure out What is ideal for you.

I have used many different laptops and notebooks with Windows , Chrome OS and iOS. While windows/iOS give you many options to add heavy software and is ideal for creating content reports and image, video editing the Chrome OS offers some basic features and is more of an extension to what you can do on a tablet with a physical keyboard.

The Major advantage of ChromeBook is light weight OS, don’t need very high end hardware to run it like Windows. Offers good experience for online surfing, emails with gmail offline support to make it ideal for students and office professionals who have a limited tasks to perform.

These are the 5 Best Laptops to Buy Under Rs 15,000.

1. Nexian Chrome Book (Long battery, Light Weigh, Economical)

Best Laptop Under Rs 15000 : The Nexian Chromebook is powered by the Rockchip ARM cortex Quad-core 1.8 GHz processor with 2 GB DDr3 RAM and have 16 GB internal storage.  The GPU is ARM Mali-T764 Graphics chipset.

3 Best Laptop Under Rs 15000 India 2015

It also comes with an SD card slot where you can add a SD card like you add in your smartphone to extend the storage. If you are going to use the Chromebook other than official work you will find the 16 GB fill up fast with HD videos, music and images really fast it will be good to get a 64 GB SD Card along with the ChromeBook to have some space options.

The screen size is  11.6-inch with 1366*768 display which is pretty good considering the size of the Notebook.

The Chromebook offers two USB 2.0 ports to connect to USB devices like 3G dongles or pen drives or external Hard drives. It also has an HDMI port for connecting to other devices like projector or a larger display monitor.

The Nexian chrome book weighs 1.5 KG and has 4200 mAH battery which is good to run the Notebook for 4-6 hours depending upon the usage.

There’s also a 1.0 MP web camera catering to your needs of video conferencing.


  • Light OS can boot fast.
  • Good battery life can work for 6-7 hours.
  • Really economical Price.
  • Good for working online watching movies and videos.


  • Low processing power
  • Lacks applications and support for full fledged software suits like Microsoft Office
  • Struggles with large excel files and long excel queries.
  • Storage is low only 16 GB can’t save much data.
  • Limited App support if you use Gimp, .NET & Advance paint and other softwares like Adobe reader.

A good alternative to Tabs but doing all the work that a full fledged laptop can do may be difficult in some situation. For the low price of Rs. 12,999 it is a good device for doing basic work.

2. Xolo ChromeBook (Quad Core Processor , 2 GB RAM)

Best Laptop Under Rs 15000 : It is essentially the same Hardware like the Nexian Chromebook with Rockchip ARM cortex Quad-core 1.8 GHz processor with 2 GB DDr3 RAM and have 16 GB internal storage.  The GPU is ARM Mali-T764 Graphics chipset.  The resolution on the Xolo Chromebook is lower compared to the Nexian Chromebook with 1280*720 resolution support.

3 Best Laptop Under Rs 15000 India 2015

The laptop is lighter in weight too, weighs only 1.15 KG.

It also suffers from the same drawbacks of low storage and limited processing power and support for software which windows laptops offer.

The price is very low at Rs. 12,999 which makes it ideal for students who would like to do reading and net surfing with a Laptop with a great battery life and is pocket friendly.

Comparing the Xolo Chrome Book and the Nexian Chrome Book

  • 1) The Nexian Chrome book comes in white color and have nice contours. The Xolo Chromebook comes in Black Matter finish and is lighter in weight compared to the Nexian ChromeBook.
  • 2) The resolution is higher on the Nexian chrome book Vs the Xolo with 1366*768 resolution.
  • 3) The keyboard on the Nexian is better and easy to use compared to the Xolo Chromebook.
  • 4) The Xolo Chrome Book uses a microsd card while the Nexian offers support only for a SD card. SD card is different compared to the micro-SD card). You can use your smartphones microSD card with the Xolo Chrome book.

With both the Chromebooks you get a 100 GB Google Cloud storage, you can store all your data on cloud instead of storing locally.  The chromebooks are based on the premise that users will store and use data which is located on the cloud.

I found this to be useless as it is very difficult without a high speed internet to upload things on clouds and then download them to use.  Even if you use a 15 MBPS line broadband line like I do, it will still take 10-15 minutes to upload 1 GB to cloud and again will have to spend the same time to download from cloud.

The cost of internet also increases if you are planning to have a high speed line.  I only store very critical and back up docs on cloud and some of the documents which I need to access on multiple devices remotely.

The idea of using cloud storage as replacement of local storage on HDD doesn’t appeal to me, neither I find it practical to use. So should you buy the Chromebooks , I would say yes, if you need to do simple work like email, read , surf internet. The ChromeBooks are excellent with light Chrome OS and great battery life.

What else can you buy if you are like me and want to do a lot of other different stuff on the laptop.

You want to run photoshop, basic video editor, need to use excel and Microsoft office, use image editing softwares like Gimp and Advanced Paint.  Also want to play some windows games which may be old like Fifa or counterstrike or Need for Speed in the free time.

Also would like to store movies , videos and lots of music and pictures along with PDF files and ebooks which I don’t read too often but like to keep with me.

If you are willing to spend more and can afford to buy a Rs. 25,000 Laptop I would recommend to get a decent laptop which may be useful for 4 years. I will get a good AMD A8 or Core i3 Laptop and look for a full-fledged solution for doing all the tasks.

There is currently one HP Model which is trading at Rs. 25,500 and offer decent performance over the Chromebook.

3. HP 15-A Notebook (Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win 10)

The HP laptop comes with AMD A8 processor which is as good as the Intel Core i3 4th Gen processor in terms of performance, though intel 4th gen processor are quite good with battery savings.

HP 15-g049AU Notebook Best Laptop Under Rs 15000

The Key Specifications for the HP Laptop are :

  • Processor – AMD A8 Quadcore Processor – 2.0 Ghz Clock Speed
  • Ram Frequency – 1600 Mhz
  • Hard Drive – 1000 GB
  • Battery – 4 Cell battery
  • Screen Size – 14 inch
  • Resolution – 1366*768
  • Operating System – Windows 10

Additionally the laptop comes with the HP branded bag and charger.  The additional hard disk space , genuine windows OS and better performance makes a very strong case to get a laptop if your needs are more than what a Chromebook can Suffice. You can always add another 4 GB Ram to this laptop at a later point when you have more budget and want to upgrade the machine.

You can also buy the Chromebook if you are looking for a computing solution where you don’t need much space and prolonged battery life. If your work is required to be done from a fixed location like your home or office, you can even look for a PC for Rs. 20,000 which will be much powerful and can be upgraded whenever required.

Bonus Additions:

4. Asus EeeBook X205TA Notebook( Priced 14,999) 

Asus is trying hard to make the best products at a cheap rate. EeeBook X205TA comes with a price tag of Rs 14,999. Also, it is available in various colour options like Red, Blue and White. This laptop from Asus is very light weight and thin.  The laptop comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home Edition.


EeeBook X205TA flaunts 11.6 inch display with 1366 x 768p resolution. It has 32 GB eMMC storage and VGA Camera on Front side. The laptop is powered by 1.33 GHz Atom Quad Intel Core (4th Gen) with 2GB RAM.

EeeBook X205TA weighs 1 kg and it is 17.5mm thick. The laptop comes with Front Facing speakers. It packs 2 Cells 38 Whrs Polymer Battery which offers 12 hours of battery life with single charge. Connectivity includes WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 USB Ports and 1 HDMI port.


  • Battery Life is very good.


  • 11.6 inch can be regarded as Small screen (Display) size.

5. iBall Exemplaire CompBook Priced at Rs 13999 

iBall launched Exemplaire CompBook in May 2016. iBall Exemplaire CompBook  is priced at Rs 13,999. The price of the laptop is kept low as iBall wants to bridge the digital gap in India. According to iBall, Exemplaire CompBook offers technology for Indian Youths at an affordable price which will help India to go Digital.


Exemplaire CompBook comes with 14 inch display with 1366 x 768p (HD) resolution. The laptop is extremely light weight, it weighs 1.4 kg. The laptop runs Windows 10 out of the box. It is powered by 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor with 2 GB RAM. It has 32 GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 64 GB.

Exemplaire CompBook has 0.3 MP VGA Camera for video chatting. The laptop packs 10,000 mAh Battery which can last up to 8.5 hours. Also, the laptop has Dual speakers and 3.5 mm headphone jack. Connectivity options include Bluetoot, WiFi, 2 USB ports and a HDMI port. The Touchpad on this laptop supports Multi-Touch gestures. It has 20 mm thickness.

Pros –

iBall is an Indian Brand which launched the cheapest laptop having 14 inch display in India.

These are my suggestions, your requirement and work should define what you should buy rather than a little money saving.

Later you may find that you are not able to use it for more tasks which come up down the line, so think thoroughly and then click the buy button. If you need any further advice can comment below , we will try to help.

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