Laptop Market Share India (2020-21) – Top Selling Brands

Laptop Market Share and Top Laptop Brands in India: 

Several brands sell laptops in the vast Indian market. There are different categories of Laptops – budget, mid-range, premium, and gaming.

Laptop Market Share
Laptop Market Share

Typically the cost of a laptop starts at Rs. 30,000 and goes up to 2.5 lakhs depending on the specs and features. Some of these brands are Chinese, and others are not.

Notably, most of the laptops sold in India are imported either from China or Taiwan. Now, the government has mandated to mention the country of origin on products. So, you can check on Amazon from which country a particular brand is importing laptops. The majority of these come from China, and there is hardly any manufacturing of laptops in India.

The most popular laptop brands in India (Market Share) are:

  1. HP (28.2%)
  2. Lenovo (21.7%)
  3. Dell (21.3%)
  4.  Acer (9.5%)
  5. Asus (7.5%)
  6. Others (11.8%)

The Top 5 Laptop brands command 88.2% market share and the other brands contribute about 11.8% share.

Several other brands operate in the Indian market, such as:

  1. Apple (Macbooks)
  2. Xiaomi (Mi laptops)
  3. Avita Libre (Affordable Laptops)
  4. Micromax
  5. MSI (Known for Gaming Laptops)
  6. Huawei ( Honor Laptop)
  7. Microsoft (Surface laptops)

Apart from these, few other brands sell a minuscule number of laptops in the market.

Let’s have a quick look at the top brands’ shipments and market share in Q3 2002 Vs. Q2 2020. 

*Shipments are in 1000s of units

Company 3Q20 Shipments 3Q20 Market Share 3Q19 Shipments 3Q19 Market Share Year-over-Year unit change (3Q20 vs. 3Q19)
1. HP, Inc. 965 28.2% 828 26.4% 16.6%
2. Lenovo 744 21.7% 895 28.5% -16.9%
3. Dell Technologies 731 21.3% 619 19.7% 18.2%
4. Acer Group 327 9.5% 373 11.9% -12.4%
5. Asus 257 7.5% 165 5.3% 55.4%
Others 403 11.8% 259 8.2% 55.4%
Total 3,427 100.0% 3,139 100.0% 9.2%

Data Source – IDC (International Data Corporation)

Some Key Observations from the above data are:

  • Laptop Shipments have increased by 9.2% over the last year in Q3 2020.
  • There were 3.4 million units shipped in Q3 2020 Vs. 3.1 Mn in the Q3 2019.
  • The primary reason for the increase is Covid-19 and a lot of people opting to work from Home.
  • The demand was also low during the first two quarters of 2020 and has picked up in Q3.
  • Hp, Lenovo, and Dell have close to 70% market share and are the three biggest brands in the market.
  • Asus is the fastest growing brand in the market, whereas Acer and Lenovo are slipping.

Let’s look at the Market strategy of Each Brand and some insights that will help you buy a laptop if you are planning to get one.

Marketing Strategy of Top Notebook Brands in India

HP (Market Share – 28.2%)


The big boss of the Indian laptop market is HP, with an impressive 28.2% market share. HP keeps slightly higher pricing in the market for similar spec products than rivals like Lenovo, Acer, or Asus.

Hp has a robust network of retailers, distributors, and active selling products online from its store and on Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce websites.

The company makes laptops for budget buyers starting at 30k and goes up to 2 lakhs with premium laptops from the Envy series and Omen for gamers.

HP laptops are rugged, reliable, and are backed by a strong after-sales service network.

Lenovo (Market Share – 21.7%)

Lenovo ThinkBook Corei3- 20SL005TIH

Lenovo has shown strong degrowth in the Indian market but still is the number 2 brand in the market. Lenovo offers plenty of models in different series such as – Ideapad, Thinkpad, Thinkbook, Legion, X1, and so on.

The company has a vast network of stores and sells plenty of machines from its website and other e-commerce channels.

Lenovo has a versatile product portfolio and brings the latest tech quickly to the buyers. However, there have been growing complaints about the product quality and after-sales service, hampering the brand’s growth in the Indian market.

Dell (Market Share – 21.3%)

Dell G3
Dell G3

Dell is the most premium player that sells Windows laptops. The brand doesn’t cut corners to make the products cheap, and the XPS series of Dell Notebooks are the gold standard of the quality world wide.

The Vostro series caters to budget and mid-range buyers whereas Inspiron attracts the premium buyers. The top of the line XPS series is ridiculously expensive in India, and considering the price, it is not worth it.

Also, Dell sells a lot of gaming Notebooks in G Series and Alienware. The company offers well-built products and also offers excellent after-sales support and warranty.

Acer (Market Share – 9.5%)

Acer Swift 3
Acer Swift 3

Acer is perceived as an affordable brand in the market and has a strong presence in retail, and sells plenty of laptops online.

Acer has several sub-brands such as Swift, Nitro, Aspire, Predator, etc. that cater to buyers’ different segments.

The brand offers above-average quality products at affordable prices and has a robust sales network in India.

Asus (Market Share – 7.5%)

Asus Zephyrus M15
Asus Zephyrus M15

Asus is the fastest growing brand in the market and clocked a 55% growth this year. One of the major reasons for growth is Ryzen 4000 series processors that the company has embraced before the rivals.

Notably, AMD Ryzen 4000 offers better performance than Intel 10th gen and has been selling like hot cakes in the market. Asus was the first to use these in the TUF A15, A17 machines, and the best seller Asus G14.

Apple ( Best Premium Laptops)

Apple macbook pro 2020
Apple has recently launched the new Macbook Air and the MacBook Pro with the M1 processor made by the company that offers far superior performance than both Intel and AMD counterparts.

Also, the new Macbooks are affordable compared to the previous-gen models that the company was selling.

Undoubtedly, Apple will dominate the premium market in the coming quarters due to the technically superior products.

However, India is a Windows OS dominated market, and some of the users still prefer Windows over the MacOS.

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