Smartphone Market Share India - 2022 (Top Brands)

Smartphone Market Share India Q4 2021
Smartphone Market Share India Q4 2021

Let's Check out India's latest smartphone market share report for top brands (Samsung, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Apple, Oppo, Vivo, Realme) in India for Q4 2021 (Oct-Nov-Dec).

Key Highlights For Smartphone Market Share India Report

  1. Xiaomi is the number 1 brand in the Indian mobile market with a 21% market share.
  2. Realme is India's number 2 mobile brand with a 17% Market Share.
  3. Samsung is the number 3 brand with a 16% Share.
  4. Vivo is in the 4th spot with a 13% share
  5. Oppo is in the 5th position with a 9% market share.

Xiaomi is holding the lead at the front, while other Chinese players like Oppo, Vivo, and Realme are doing great in the market. Realme has become number 2 in Q4'21 and is now ahead of both Samsung and Vivo in the Indian market. Realme was launched as an online-only brand in Q2 (May) 2018 and focuses on offering bang for buck products and uses all social media channels to fight Xiaomi.

Top Smartphone Brands in India - Market Share (Q4-2021):

Smartphone Brand Market Share in India (2021)
1. Xiaomi21%
2. Realme17%
3. Samsung16%
4. Vivo13%
5. Oppo9%
6. Apple3.35% (approx)
7. Oneplus3.0% (approx)
8. Others18.7%

*Others (LG, Huawei, Asus, Google, iQOO, Lenovo, Motorola, Tecno, Infinix, Micromax, Lava, ITEL, etc.) - Market Share - 18.7%.

Winners and Losers - Mobile Market Share India Report - Q4-2021

  1. Xiaomi has declined in market share but still is the market leader.
  2. Samsung's market share in India has declined and it has lost the second spot to Realme and has slipped to 3rd position.
  3. Vivo, Oppo, can maintain its market share with a slight loss.
  4. This quarter, realme is the real winner as the brand rise above others to challenge arch-rival Xiaomi.
  5. Share of Others has increased significantly in the last quarter, and Apple is one of the biggest gainers in the premium segment in the Indian market.
  6. Other brands, including Apple, Oneplus, Lenovo, Motorola, iQoo, LG, Google, and Asus, individually have less than 5% market share in India.

Smartphone Market Share India Change Q4 (2021) Vs. Q3 (2021)

Mobile BrandQ3- 2021Q4 - 2021% Change

The top 5 brands have a 76% market share in India, and all the remaining brands collectively have just 24%. - Data Source Counterpoint Research

Some Interesting Facts About Indian Mobile Market

More than 10 million 5G smartphones were shipped in Q3-2021, and most manufacturers are offering 5G mobiles above Rs. 20,000 price segment.

In 2021 the smartphone shipments reached 169 million, an 11% increase over the last year. Apple has close to 5.5 million shipments in 2021, and the iPhone maker has a market share of 3.35% in 2021.

India is the second-largest mobile market, ahead of the US with over 400 million smartphone users whereas China leads in terms of the number of users. About 55% of the smartphone sales are online in India, whereas retail accounts for a 45% share.

There were close to 52 Million units shipped in Q3-2021. In contrast, about 38 Million smartphone shipments were done in Q1 2021.

About 33% of phones sold are in Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 18,000 price range, and is the fastest-growing segment.

Chinese Mobile Companies Market Share in India

Chinese smartphone brands - Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Oneplus, iQOO, and Transitions Holding have close to 70% market share in India.

While the rest of the market share is taken by Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Google, and others.

Smartphone market share in India 2022 data will be added shortly to the long-term trend.

Indian Mobile Brands Market Share - Micromax and Lava

Indian mobile brands have a negligible market share. Micromax has less than 1% market share and Lava has an even lower share in the fiercely competitive mobile market.

Long Term Smartphone Market Share Trend in India (2016 - 2021)

Smartphones - Long Term Market Share
Long Term Smartphone Market Share in India 2016 to 2021

The top 5 brands capture close to 76% of the market, and all the remaining brands fight for the 24% share.

Biggest Smartphone Brands in India and Top Selling Phones:


The Redmi Note 10 Series are killer phones for Xiaomi, and even the affordable Xiaomi Redmi 9/9 prime and 9A/ 8/ 8A (sold more than 5 million units) are a growth driver. In the recent Quarter, there is Redmi Note 10 PRO, Redmi Note 10, and the Redmi 10 Pro Max, Mi 10i, Redmi 9 Prime, and Redmi 9 Power are fueling the growth of the brand in India. Also, Mi 10T and POCO X3, M3, C3, Poco M3 Pro, and X3 Pro are top-selling mobiles from the company.


Samsung has models like the M31, M52, M21, M32, M11, M02s, Galaxy A51, A32, A52, and A72, which are selling well in the entry and mid-range segment. While the Note 20, the latest S21 Series, and the S20 series are top sellers in the higher segment.


Vivo also is playing strong in the mid-range market with several models such as the V19, V20 Pro 5G, V21e, V21, V19, and the Y series. Vivo has recently launched the Vivo V23 Pro and V23.


Though the report says that Oppo has a 9% market share and lags behind Vivo, if we include Realme, then it is even ahead of Xiaomi. The top sellers are F17 Pro, F17, Oppo Reno 5, Reno 5 Pro, Reno 6 Series, F19, F19 Pro, A52, A31, A74, A53, and A33. Also, the company has launched the Reno 6 and Reno 7 Series phones in India.


Realme is succeeding in India and now has an equivalent share to Oppo. The top sellers are Realme 7/8, and Pro, Realme C3, C21, Narzo 50, Narzo 50A, 30 Pro and the Realme C15, Realme C11. Also, the brand has launched the Realme GT Neo and Realme GT to attract premium buyers.


The company seems to be lost in the Indian market. Most phones are too expensive and lack any differentiation in comparison to their rivals. Also, they are not aggressive in marketing or retail push to win the market share. Some of the top models are Nokia G20, Nokia 5.3, 3.4 2.2, and C3.


The brand has not been aggressive in the market and doesn't have any budget offering but is selling the new ROG Phone 5/ 5 Pro that the brand launched in early 2021. However, currently, they are not refreshing the mid-range models, which can impact sales.


It is also making a comeback in the Indian market after dropping the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. Additionally, they have the new iPhone 12 series - iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and Pro Max. Also, the brand has recently launched the new iPhone 13 series. iPhone pricing is premium and still out of reach for most Android phone buyers in India. Apple has less than 5% market share in India, whereas Android phones account for 95% of the volume.

OnePlus and Apple Market Share in India (Estimated)

Apple has a close to 4% market share in India, and OnePlus has about a 3% share in the overall Indian market. Oneplus market share in India is growing as the brand has started to sell affordable smartphones in the sub 30k price range.

Premium Smartphone Market Share - OnePlus Vs. Apple Vs. Samsung (Q3-2021)

In the premium mobile segment (Greater than Rs. 30,000 or $450). Apple has close to 44% market share in Q3-2021. Samsung - 25%, Oneplus 14%, and others 18%.

Premium Smartphones market Share
Premium Smartphone Market Share India

Collectively all three brands are put together to have an 84% share of the market. The rest of the players like Google, Oppo, Asus, Xiaomi, and Vivo accounted for 20%.

Apple has a strong presence in the market, and thanks to the price cut for iPhone 12, and 13 series, the brand has done exceptionally well in the Indian market. Many premium buyers are moving to Apple from Android due to better hardware, software experience, and future updates.

The top-selling phones in the premium segment are the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, Oneplus 9 series, Oneplus 10 Pro, Nord 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and the S22/S21 Series.

Notably, Vivo has launched the new brand iQOO to improve the market share in the premium segment, and the new Vivo X60 Series and the X70 series are also selling well. Oppo is also doing excellent with the launch of new Reno 6 and 6 Pro mobiles.

The below data is based on the counterpoint research... we have not considered IDC or other research numbers.

Long Term - Smartphone Market Share Trend

Smartphone Market Share in India 2021 (All Quarters)

Smartphone Market Share in India 2020 (All Quarters)

Brand2020 Q12020-Q22020-Q32020-Q4

Smartphone Market Share in India 2019 (All Quarters)

Market Share2019-Q12019-Q22019-Q32019-Q4

Smartphone Market Share in India 2018 (All Quarters)

Market Share2018-Q12018-Q22018-Q32018-Q4

Smartphone Market Share in India 2017 (All Quarters)

Market Share2017-Q12017-Q22017-Q32017-Q4

*Oppo doesn't include the RealME sales.

Smartphone Market Share in India 2016 (Quarter-wise)

Smartphone Market Share India 20162016-Q12016-Q22016-Q32016-Q4

*LENOVO includes Lenovo and Motorola shipments. Below is an article we wrote in October 2014, and you can see how the Indian mobile market has changed since then. Some of the leading Indian brands like Lava, Karbonn, and Micromax have lost the race.

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Check the below article I wrote in 2014. Indian mobile brands have lost the plot and are now decimated by Chinese rivals.

Historical Smartphone Market Share - October 2014

Samsung had a market share of above 30% a few quarters back with the recent aggression by many companies like Motorola, Micromax, and Karbonn, it has got reduced to 29% as per a report from IDC(International Data Corporation) for Q2(Apr-Jun) and same has been drastically reduced in the Q3(July-Sept'14).

According to IDC, the entire smartphone market expanded by 27% in Q3 Vs. Q2 in 2014.

The total Shipment of Smartphones and Feature Phones gives us a fair idea of the market penetration.

The total phone market stood at 72.5 million units shipped (23.3 million smartphones and 49.2 million feature phones) in Q3 2014.

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