Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai may not like some of these stats, but can this change in 2017 significantly for India and US?

iOS Vs Android Share in India and US, Tim Cook May Not Like it – Apple do not have a significant share in the Indian market, in terms of number of users – it will be less than 5%, while Android accounts for over 95% of share. I told you, Tim Cook may not like it. The situation is very different for the US.

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The recent OS data by Kantar Worldpanel shows iOS’s significant growth in year-on-year 3 months ending in November of 2016.

Apart from its strong base in US with the growth of 6.4%, It also made its mark in countries such UK, Italy, France, Japan and Spain. Opportunities where Android sales dropped significantly.

In US Android lost its command by 5.1% and came down to 55.3%. I told you, neither will Sundar Pichai like this. As i said earlier iPhone is competing with plethora of Android smartphones from different OEMs in different price range.

iOS Vs Android Share in India and US

According to another research the number of new iPhone sales accounted for 3% in 2016, hence a 5% share is an assumption on the higher side for iPhone users in India. Indian numbers can vary for Apple users between 3 to 5%. You can read the research paper here from Strategy Analytics.

Point is not to establish a 3% or 5% overall iPhone user base but to highlight the difference between iOS and Android share in India and US market, How contrasting is the user preference in both the countries. You can read more about the Android smartphones share in India here.

iOS Vs Android Share in India and US

Global iPhone Sales – Is iPhone 7 a Success ?

Its the sales of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S that acquired 31.3% share & proved to be a huge home run for the Cupertino Giant.  Apple saw the most dramatic growth in UK as it grew by 9.1%. All because of the sales drop of Windows smartphones which went down by 7%.

Hey, its not all hunky-dory for Apple alone, Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge captivated almost 29% by coming in at fourth & fifth.

Well Android also saw its share growing in China by 7.2%. Its not at all a surprise as companies like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi all are powered by Android and acquires a huge chunk of users in the Chinese market.

Apple lost the battle in Germany as well and dropped by 3.2% compared to the 6.5%  growth of Android smartphones.

Interestingly, Urban China proved to be the exact opposite. It showed the legit popularity of iPhone 7 by defeating the raging popularity of Oppo R9 and how it went on to become the best selling smartphone.

iPhone 8 Expectations

Although the growth of iPhone have increased last year, analysts predict that the sales will be off the charts with its upcoming iPhone this year. Being it’s 10th anniversary everybody is hoping a new design and material choice from Apple. There are lots of hopes from the upcoming iPhone 8 as it can be radically different from last 3 generation of iPhone.

Speaking of new iPhone, its not unusual as the early leaks about the upcoming iPhone sprung up on the internet. Its a part of the hype that builds around the release of iPhone.

It shows that Apple is going back to the drawing board and giving somewhat of a homage to the iPhone 4 by sporting a glass body with stainless steel edges. The only drawback the iPhone 4 & 4S has, was its weight.

After following the trend of all metal uni-body for 5 consecutive years, Apple is again trying to move ahead with the glass back. If and when it does, it’ll surely be heavily compared to the Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8.

The addition of stainless steel frame increases the sturdiness & also reduces the manufacturing costs & time. Probably a win-win situation for Apple and consumers.

Whether they’ll stick with Ion-strengthened glass or make their own version of shatterproof display is yet to be confirmed. They might even use Sapphire glass which has been doing rounds since the release of iPhone 6 & 6S.

The reports by Digitimes also claim that the components would be made by Foxconn & Jabil (a US based company). Apparently they were the ones who supplied the Stainless steel frames during iPhone 4 series.

As far as manufacturing of iPhone is concerned, reports suggest it’ll be done by Foxconn, Wistron & Pegatron Technology.

The rumors are hinting at an exquisite version of iPhone coming this year, although there are several smartphones being made by glass.

The competition for the iPhone is stiff than ever before, Huawie Honor Magic and Honor 8,  Samsung S7 and S7 Edge and recently launched HTC U Ultra are all on glass back design and it will be interesting to see How Apple can steal the show with so many good affordable Android smartphones on the block.

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