The article is about how much VRAM is required by a graphics card and is high RAM better for graphic cards specially for low end below Rs. 10,000($150).

This has been a controversial topic always and it has been used very well by Graphics card manufacturers for long time to exploit buyers. Most readers will agree with the below discussion some may not to agree as well.

How much VRAM 2GB or 4GB Is Required By GPU

Many times Gamers ask should I choose a GT 630 with 1gb or 2gb Vram or even 4gb version or a GTX 760 with 2gb or 4gb memory or say an R9 270x with 2gb or 4gb. We always feel if we buy a GTX 760 with 4gb it will be definitely be better than a GTX 760 with a 2gb version and if not better it will give same performance will be future proof.

So it won’t hurt to spend that additional 1-2 thousand rupees(20-40$) now, if you ask me you are putting your money in drain. This won’t give you any benefit unless you are gaming @ 4k resolution for which also a GTX 760 is underpowered.

Lets take a low end Card for example GT 630 it is available in 1gb version, 2gb version and surprisingly 4gb Version also. Yes you are thinking it that 4gb will be better than 2gb and 2gb is better than 1gb – this is a myth which manufacturers exploit. More is better is the notion which we use to buy cards. If prices of

GT630 1gb is Rs. 4500

GT630 2gb is Rs. 5300

GT630 4gb is Rs. 6000

Definitely makes sense to buy the 4gb as I will get better graphics and resolution – This is totally wrong assumption. Considering all other factors are same in these cards you should go ahead with 1gb version as it is meant for 720p or lower resolution, 4gb is not required and will never be used at that resolution. This will be waste of money if you will go for a 4Gb version. In fact the 4gb card has a 64bit memory bandwidth and 2Gb card had 128 bit memory band width which makes them practically same. Uninformed Gamers buy 4gb version then stay happy that they have a better card than a 2Gb version.

Now one more important thing is to look for is VRAM version GDDR5 is much faster than the old DDR3 version if you have same card to buy always buy the one with GDDR5 , yes GDDR5 version will be expensive but worth it.

This is a marketing trick don’t be misled by it , don’t be mislead by 2gb , 4gb versions in low end card with DDR3 memory GDDR5 is the way to go as it is much more faster than the DDR3 version. This much Ram is required by System if you are running game on a monitor with resolution more than 1080p or 2-3 monitor setup but before your card use this Ram it will run out of steam to create graphics at that resolution. In Nut shell for gaming upto 1080p 2-3gb Ram is enough. If a Gtx 780ti use 4gb Ram why u need a 270x with 4gb, GTX 780ti is made to run games at 4k with ultra details not an R9 270x we need to understand this. Only Ram will not do anything we need shader units and stream processors and  enough power in GPU to render graphics.

A 2 GB card would let you turn on more demanding AA settings in most games though, so consider that a minimum benchmark if you’re planning a new purchase and want to enjoy the latest titles at 1920×1080.

Now this is an interesting benchmarking results for a GTX 760 with 2Gb and 4Gb version, you will not see even tiniest  difference when running game on either of these cards.

Comparing 2Gb & 4Gb Graphics Card

Battlefield 4 on 4gb Vs 2gb Gtx 760
Battlefield 4 –  4gb Vs 2gb Gtx 760
Battlefield 4 on 4gb Vs 2gb Gtx 760
Battlefield 4 on 4gb Vs 2gb Gtx 760

 Image Source:

 After seeing the benchmarks with data, I think you will agree that a 4Gb underpowered card is absolutely not worthy.

As you move up the resolution to 1440p, 1600p, 2160p or multi-monitor setups, you will start requiring VRAM beyond 2 GB if you also want to use anti-aliasing.Three gigabytes cards become more relevant with this type of multi-monitor setup (or multiple 3 GB+ cards in SLI/CrossFire).

An underpowered Graphics card outfitted with 6 GB of GDDR5 memory or DDR3  isn’t going to make games playable at high resolutions just because it’s complemented by the right amount of high memory.

Additional 2gb Ram or 3gb ram will not impact the performance much but DDR3 Vs DDR5 does impact hence I suggest to go ahead with DDR5 cards only for even the low end graphics cards.

Odds are that a  270x GPU will run out of steam before you need more than 2GB of RAM, even if you are running multiple monitors or ultra high resolutions. I wouldn’t spend extra money to get a 4GB version of the card, it won’t make a difference.

If you want to spend extra money don’t spend it on increasing the Ram try to go for next level of card say a 280 in this case. Also you can buy a better brand graphics card with better cooling which will help you maintain frame rates in game and will run cooler.

Also read the article review of GTX R9 270x and GTX 660 which offers great value for money in lower mid segment.

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  1. Thanx for making it clear,Sir. I was ever since confused, whether how to buy a graphics card. Recently, I’m thinking of buying AMD FX-8320 Piledriver processor along with AMD R9 270X 2GB DDR5 VRAM. Now, according to you, how much min. RAM should I buy, to play 1080p games at ultra setting. Plus, I would like to know, which motherboard to buy to get these things assembled. I already have a 500GB HDD and a Dell 1080p 23 inch monitor. All I want is to buy these all stuff under 40k. Please guide me.

  2. Sir ur article was good but when u said tat a gtx 780 ti can run 4k at ultra detail I just stopped reading
    And yes 4 gb is waste of money for sub 2k content but new games like watch dogs require more than 2 gb of VRAM

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