It is always good to get a discounted deal or buy a used Laptop at a lower price. With online used products market booming after arrival of OLX and Quikr. It has become fairly easy to buy used products in your own town.

Earlier we discussed what to check while buying a used smartphone so you are not cheated. For buying a Laptop here are 10 checks you should consider before buying a used laptop. This is a comprehensive guide to purchase a Laptop so you are not conned by the seller.

10 Checks before Buying a Used Laptop on OLX or Quikr
10 Checks before Buying a Used Laptop on OLX or Quikr


10 Checks before Buying a Used Laptop on OLX or Quikr

1). Search the Model which suits your need: Don’t randomly look and buy what is available cheap because you  may not like it later. Search first for new products check all the specs and features you want. Finalize 2-3 models and then search the same on OLX or Quikr. For e.g you are looking for a light weight 14 inch laptop with Core i5, then you can search what models fits the requirement and then again search those models in used laptops.

2). Get a fair estimate of used laptop price: After you finalize the laptop model get the right price range you are willing to pay for the Laptop. Do thorough search for used laptop prices in different cities to get a fair idea. Say the above mentioned core i 5 laptop comes between 23,000 to 30,000. You should fix your buying range, keep it little flexible.

3). Finalize the Brand that you like- It purely depends on your liking some people like Sony Viao or Apple while others would like to have a sturdy Dell or Lenovo Laptop or an HP or Acer.

4). Check for Laptops in Warranty – It is always best to look for Laptops in warranty so you are protected by manufacturer. Secondly you can buy it with confidence that if something is wrong with it, (barring physical or water damage) then you need not worry.

5). Bargain the Price multiple times – After you finalized a laptop, contact the seller and give him a reasonable offer and let the offer sit for some time. Then call again for discussing and ask him “What is the absolute best he can sell it for” believe me you will be surprised. As a rule don’t buy it from a used Laptop dealer, you would end up paying at least 2-3k more while buying from a dealer. They do it daily so negotiation is also fairly difficult.

6). Inspect the Laptop for 20 minutes before buying – What to check?

  1. Check the Laptop physically for damage to outer body, dents or scratches so you know what you are buying.
  2. Check the laptop screen for any deep scratches, observe the colors as well.
  3. Check the keyboard keys if anything is broken. Type something using keyboard.
  4. Check the mouse pad for any issues.
  5. Check the battery and adapter and also plug-unplug charging for any faulty charging adapter issues.
  6. Check the Specs thoroughly, check hard disk space, Processor, GPU, installed Ram in properties.
  7. Check for the loose Lid, if it is set right and hinges are proper, test by closing and opening the laptop Lid.
  8. Play a game to see if GPU and processor is working properly, test an audio song for speakers, and also test with a video for screen defects.

 That’s enough checks, your seller will be impatient by now and would be thinking of you as Sherlock Holmes.

7). Check for the bill and warranty papers, check the date of purchase and from where it was purchased.

8). Check for international warranty – If the laptop was not purchased from your home country, you may not get the warranty. You need to go to the manufactures website and fill in serial number or product ID which is usually located at the bottom of laptops. You will be able to find if it is covered in your country.

9). Pay the seller and also take in writing – It is always good to do a small agreement on paper referring your date of purchase and price you are paying and from whom you are buying. It can avoid any legal issue or protect you somewhat in case the seller has done any fraud.

10). Take all the accessories – Don’t forget to take the charger and Laptop Bag after you have closed the deal. No harm in checking all these things and don’t bother what seller thinks remember the caveat emptor “Buyer be Aware”.

Thanks for reading the article 10 Checks before Buying a Used Laptop on OLX or Quikr : you can also check out How to Buy a Used Smartphone.

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  1. Nice thankyou… I was about to buy a laptop on quickr… Nd i dono how to buy nd what to check… This article helped me… Thankyou iam going to choose the best..??

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