Tips to Buy Used Smartphone from OLX And Quikr

How to Safely Buy a Used Phone

The below Guide tells you how to Buy a used smartphone from Olx or Quikr or any other online store without getting cheated.

Nowadays when Olx & Quikr have become so popular in India. There is a huge market for used products that can be bought or sold directly without adding a middleman (the shopkeeper).  It is best to buy directly from the seller. As the shopkeeper will keep anywhere between 10-20% as his profit while buying or selling a product.

Tips to Purchase Smartphone from OLX & Quikr
Tips to Purchase Smartphone from OLX & Quikr

Sharing with you simple tips below:

Buying a used Smartphone is usually a tricky affair, and there is some risk involved. Especially from an unknown seller whom you have just contacted on OLX or Quikr. You don’t know the seller, and even how he has used the device. It could be stolen or may have some defect.

So how to make sure that you get the best deal without getting cheated by the seller?

These things you must check before paying the seller!

1).  Research the Phone Price

You need to research thoroughly so that you get the fair idea of the phone price you want to buy. Also, make an estimate of the average price people are selling. Some will try to sell it way above the average price, and other very low, try to stay away from both.

The higher price will not give you any benefit from the second-hand purchase. And the low price product is likely to have some defect or catch, such as bought from the US or abroad or no warranty.

2). Check the Seller profile

You can ask the seller to connect on Whatsapp and also try to search his Facebook or Google+ profile to check whether he is the person he is posing to be. It is essential, as you don’t want to buy a stolen phone from a dealer who is selling it cheap.

3). Don’t Buy it without bill and Box

Next, ask the seller if he has original bill and box of the device. Why is this relevant? The bill provides you IMEI number, match it with the one on the box. To ensure it is not a stolen phone with a fake bill.

Also, check the bill if it has buyers name. To repeat, the IMEI Number at the back of your mobile must match the IMEI on bill and box. If all the three things are there, you can be very sure it’s a genuine seller.

4). Missing Bill and Box – If Bill & Box is missing should you buy it? My advice will be not to do that and buy a new one after all you don’t want to take so much risk?

But if you still want to buy it then ask the seller to give a copy of his identity proof. So you know from whom you bought it and where to look for in case of any trouble. A genuine seller will give you, and fake dealers will run away, you can also give them your ID proof.

5). Warranty

If the cell phone is under warranty you are better off, and you must take the original bill from the seller.

In case you find any issues later, you can always approach the service center to get it repaired free of cost. Also, mobiles without warranty or brought from abroad should be bought 30% cheaper.

Tips to Purchase Smartphone from OLX & Quikr

 Checking the Mobile Before Paying the Seller

There can be many issues with a used handset. I have seen many that have data connectivity, incoming calls, speaker, camera issues and other uncountable things.

When you meet the seller arrange a convenient place where you can take 20-30 minutes inspecting the phone. You will be able to check most of the things with my guide to make sure you are buying the right product.

Physical Check

Inspect the phone in good daylight, don’t buy at night. Look for scratches, marks, paint loss and minor screen scratches. Check the volume rocker, on-off, keypad, scroll pad in case of blackberry.

Open the battery compartment have a look at the battery see if it is perforated or swollen that shows that battery is deteriorated. Check if backplate fix properly and hinges are not broken.

Dialer & Modem

Further, check if the dialer is working properly make a call to other mobile and hear the sound quality. And also receive a call, test the data connection 2G/3G/4G of the phone. Send a text message and ask someone to send a reply.

Fake Phones

How to check if it is not a Chinese made replica of the phone. There are many China made models I have seen that do not have the hardware as provided in the original phone. These are loaded with Chinese processors and they look stunningly similar to the original model.

However, you can just do small check by installing an App and check the internal hardware.

You can install CPU-Z from Android play store link is provided below. The below snapshot shows the actual hardware of the device, so you are protected from buying a copy or non-genuine product




CPU-Z gives you detailed information on CPU & GPU of the mobile and battery. Prior to buying, check these details about the mobile you are going to purchase.

So, when you go to meet the seller you know it. Install the CPU-Z to test the hardware. The CPU-Z will get installed quickly even on your 2G enabled sim-card, as it very small in size.

Also, go to setting and check the Android version which your mobile is running Goto Settings>about phone >Android version.

Additionally, I would suggest you take out the battery once and reboot your phone after adding back the battery to check any boot errors and the time taken to boot the device.

Check the accessories

 A lot of people will inspect the phone but forget about the charger cable, power adapter, memory card or headphones or USB cable. Test the charger, if you have a point nearby.


In the end, you need to negotiate well with the seller. All sellers usually have a cut off price in their mind below which they won’t sell you the product.

I have tried this in many negotiations and believe me this works. You need to ask them ”what is the best price they will offer?” And you will be surprised that they will come down a little bit more.

Ask this question 2-3 times, and they will reach a point where they won’t come down any further. And then you give your offer close to that and close the negotiation.

Nevertheless, I have bargained a lot when buying multiple things from OLX & Quikr successfully. I hope this guide helps you make a successful purchase at a desirable price.

Thanks for reading, please share your suggestions and comments. Also, Read – 10 Checks before Buying a Used Laptop on OLX or Quikr

Tips to Purchase Smartphone from OLX & Quikr

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10 Replies to “Tips to Buy Used Smartphone from OLX And Quikr

  1. Recently I got a Moto 360 from olx, the person introduced him self as gaurav and said that he got the device from USA and doesn’t have the box and bill as he forgot it at his brothers house in US and that his brother would send it to him within few weeks, as I was very interested I met him and the watch seemed fine, I played him 17k and told him that the rest 1k would be given after I receive the box and bill , I came home and to my shock the charger heheave e seemed defective , the watch continously switched off and got really hot, it takes around 6 hours to get 50% charge, I immediately contacted him, he used extremely bad language and said that I offered no warranty for it and forget about the box, I won’t be giving you anything , after that he blocked his number and and his number is switched off ever since,, WHAT DO I DO

    1. Sad to hear all this what is done is done, I would suggest you keep following up with him if you have any contact information and even call and tell OLX about it they may help you track him if they know email ID or anything try searching for him on social media like Facebook and try to meet him, parallel connect with motorola India and they may help you out as the watch may be in warranty also check if it has international warranty using the serial number on the watch.

  2. after purchasing a mobile from olx what will the proof for me that i have purchase that mobile
    from seller
    please tell me what precaution i need for guaranty me that i purchase that product form that seller

    1. You can take a simple xerox of his ID like pan card or Driving license and give yours as well to him and sign the contract on a simple paper mentioning date price and object you are buying or selling this may not be a 100% legal proof of deal but it is best you can have.

  3. Hi. There is a seller on online site who wants to sell a high end smartphone bought just a week ago. He is selling at 15% discount. He has all the accessories and bill but does not have the box. Is it worth to buy

    1. Check the bill and smartphone only then do the purchase better stay away if the site is non trusted it is always better to meet the seller and check everything then buy.

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